My sad cellar early 80's


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Love it! Looks like my early inventory records.

Not all that sad! You’ve got some real classics in there: Heitz Martha’s, Monte Bello, Montelena, other solid wines.

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Pretty neat. Do you have any of those left?

I’m a big fan of old Charles Krug and the Freemark Boche. They aged very well.

Ha…yes! Thank GOD for Cellar Tracker! [thankyou.gif]

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Why is this a sad cellar?

This is really fun to read. All you need to do is burn the edges of the paper to give it an even better look. Like something from the Middle Ages. Yet just domestic wine from the 70’s.

Heitz Martha’s and BV Private Reserves - doesn’t seem sad to me.

For those of you who kept cellar records on paper, how did you handle removed/drunk bottles? Write it in pencil and erase? Cross it out? Something else? How often did you have to re-write the whole thing? We are so spoiled by Cellartracker… Honestly if I couldn’t record it on the computer, I’d probably just let it be chaos and have no records, so I am impressed at the dedication here.

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Looks like my current inventory records.

Again, sad. No.

There is a page 2 if anyone is interested.

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That’s actually pretty cool. No 1978’s though?

Please post it. Brings back lots of memories.

If it doesn’t have a cigarette burn or coffee stain, it is not an official workpaper!! (from that era)

It’s a cool photo, thanks for sharing it.

That said, I was sorta hoping for a photo of a sad cellar… my first “cellar” was a rack inside a bathtub in a largely unfinished basement. No photos, which is sad in and of itself, as it was downright horrific in there… 60s fiberglass shower surround, super rough concrete floor, no ceiling, and a tiny 60 bottle rack sitting inside the tub.

Page 2.
list 2.jpg


Stan, not sad, a vision of the future!

I LOVE it! [cheers.gif]

I still have 68 and 70 Bosche