My palate progression indicates declining testosterone...take away my man card

I’ve been really hooked on good wine since 1990. The last three years have been different. It started with trying a couple of older Burgundies, wines I would have spat out as morbid and dead ten years ago, now I love the gentleness and the way perfect acidity allows older fruit and earth to hang off of it. And it’s gone way down the slippery slope since then.

A week ago I was included last minute into a dinner with a great group of local guys that was a great dinner in a really great private room in an excellent restaurant, way under $100 including everything.

I brought three Suchots, perhaps my favorite vineyard in the world for great wine under $150 and sometimes under $100:

2002 Le Moine
1999 Prieure Roch, the closest thing there is to DRC Suchots from my favorite Burg vintage
2009 Lamarche, my third bottle


Best three wines of the night for my palate for drinking at that time were, of course:
A 2005 Morgon
A 2005 Morgon
A 2013 Morgon Cote de Pys

WTF? I don’t see the word Suchots in there.

And right now I am drinking, because of advice I was given by a beautiful stranger three weeks ago, the remains of a $40-restaurant-priced Saumur Champigny, which means $20 retail, and after years of making fun of Chinon, I love this. (later research update: $12.99 at one point but currently unavailable in US any vintage)

This is where the wine hobby takes you. It eventually cuts off your balls.

Next your will need to drink 16% alcohol CDP.

You could grow a soul patch and try some Jura.

My doctor just last July told me I have the testosterone level of a man 25 years younger, so there’s that…

Obviously, the dinner was not in New York.

So come to New York. We have an excellent Man Card CPRs Program (Carlisle - Pax - Rivers Marie - Saxum) and we will resuscitate yours. Yesterday, its was Rivers Marie, Carlisle and, for a change of pace, Quilceda Creek. And that was all between 10:30 am and 3:00 pm.

Yeah, but then you started drinking pinot. neener

Did you know we have a cycling thread?

Mike fears me! [wow.gif]

Funny that most of us cyclists appear to have more of a Euro-centric palate . . . Except for Senior Dildine!

George, welcome to our world. Chinons are wonderful. Have you tried any Franc de Pieds?

Did Mike ever have his man card?

I was just going to say, George, that it sounds like your palate has gone floppy, like Alfert’s.

There’s nothing wrong with evolving and becoming refined with class. [cheers.gif] As Scott Brunson’s signature says: All roads lead to Burgundy… although he has it typed in French.

A HA! So you admit NYC is way more expensive than nearly every place else! [berserker.gif] [pillow-fight.gif]

since you were man enough to admit it, your T may actually be higher.

So next year it’ll be 30 years! neener [cheers.gif] newhere

I did cycle a few years back, maybe too aggressively, I had a bad outcome ‘prostate-ly’. Let’s leave it there.

Rick, think young, be young. [cheers.gif]

Perhaps you should change your name to Caitlyn Jenner for you are obviously becoming a woman. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I am rapidly becoming a Cali Cab fanatic which means my testosterone level and manhood are both rising. It won’t be long before Jay Hack and I are sharing Magnums of Saxum.