My last four questions

  1. Can you guess what wine my daughter is playing with?

  2. I was reading a book pubished in 1994 that gave some figures on where German Riesling is exported to. Aparently around that time significantly more was sold to Britain than the USA. Do you know if that is still the case?

  3. Speaking of Britain do you know if they have embraced troken wines more than we have here?

  4. What is prettier: German wine country or Austrian wine country?

  1. It’s Willi Schaefer but I can’t tell which wine.

  2. We buy more German Riesling than the British do, but they may still buy more German wine period, if they’re still consuming all the supermarket plonk they once did.

  3. I don’t know that. I rather doubt it.

  4. Yes!