My Bedrock welcome shipment

I contacted Bedrock a few months ago to get on their mail list. In response, I was offered a “welcome” package. I took it all and I just received 18 bottles. They are mostly zins (Envangelo, Bedrock, Old Vines, etc), all 2018. Plus a few odd things: a grenache, a field blend, Old Hill Ranch, and a couple of whites. So much like Carlisle, but these all seem very young. Should I pop them or salt them away for a couple of years?

I would open one of all the multiples. That’s just me.

I wouldn’t touch anything for at least 90 days. I would then open the Old Vines with a decant just for fun and then watch CT for updates on all the others.
Most likely you are going to want to sit on these for a bit.

Opening an Evangelho early is not a bad idea. It seems to drink well pretty much all the time.

And I wouldn’t touch any for at least three years.

So let’s think about this for a minute. The guy gets first ever shipment from Bedrock, and he should wait three years to open anything? He’s going to have a new offering hit his email in 3-4 months. Shouldn’t he try a few to see what he thinks?

Exactly. They are $20 to 40 bottles. Open whatever you want. You’ll have plenty of offerings to load up on and age in the future

Open as much as you want, as early as you want. Decide what you like, buy more.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Found the answer

most bedrocks I’ve had are really enjoyable pretty much straightaway, but they all do well with some time in a cellar too. I would definitely open a few of the multiples to see if you like the style, then sit on a few if you think they’d benefit (they probably will). as noted before, the email list gets pretty regular offerings. would stink to get the next offering and not have tried anything yet!

Whatever you choose to do in terms of your opening windows, you will learn something about aging wine and what your preferences are! [cheers.gif]

Open one of each at least and possibly then save a couple to see what may happen in the future. These wines are hedonistic joy, I don’t think your missing anything by opening early. The wines will become different possibly, but not necessarily better. Save some for experiment and science but not to defer pleasure imo.

Agreed. Try them and see if you like them. To get an idea of how these will age, enjoy them over a 2 or 3 day period


I would only open an Old Vine zin and give it tons of air. Even that is going to be REALLY young. Maybe a Dolinsek if you got one in the bundle.

Obviously plenty others here disagree, but to me the single vineyard wines demand 5+ years to start strutting their stuff, and are nowhere near as enjoyable young. For reference, 2012’s are crazy good right now, and 07, 08, 09, and 2010 Bedrock heirloom/heritages opened within the last year have all been excellent with absolutely zero sign of slowing down anytime soon.

I totally get the concept of trying some now so he can get a feel for whether or not he likes them…but it’s just a tough call as to me they’re completely different animals with some age on em.

Not what you were asking…but maybe find a 2012 online so you can compare to a 2018 if you do open one??

My take (based on about 10 vintages of MTP’s wines): ALL of them need age. OVZ. Rosé. Appellation Syrah. All of them. Some drink nicely on release, but all will improve substantially after 1-3 years.

For us it’s 3 years for the OZV and 5-8 years for the SVD’s. As some have mentioned, go ahead and try some. Just give them at least an hour decant and save some to follow over 2-3 days.

How long to decant a cracked bottle of the Esola Zin that arrived today? It’s leaked a tablespoon or two.

What about the whites in the recent release, wait on all those?

If it has leaked, definitely notify the winery. Could be a sign of a bad cork, or even more ominously, could be a sign that the shipment was subjected to high temperatures.

100% agreed and the first Bedrock I ever tried was the 2009 OV Zin, which spoke to me of enormous potential and immediately compelled me to forget about my other bottles for 2 years. Agreed on Dolinsek, can be another great option for younger drinking depending on vintage.

That said, I do think the wines can be somewhat showy on release and aside from Pagani or any Syrah, opening a 2018 Bedrock right now isn’t nearly so bad as waiting 1 year after release, which is when they really shut down, at least in my experience.

Also love the idea of buying some older bottles to try - 2012 is a fantastic vintage recommendation.