Musar dinner in Maine?


Is there any chance you would contsider doing a Musar dinner in Maine? There’s a solid following of us up here that have been loving your wine for quite some time. My first bottle was a bottle of 1995 Rouge…and the rest was history. Unfortunately I’ve only heard about how the whites age…as the oldest bottle of white I have is a 1995 and that will be resting in the cellar for another 10-15 years if I can manage. There’s a small joke with in my tasting group and it really was a pleasure when a few years back someone noticed that your webpage posted my tasting note (below) on the '95 I opened.

So…in short, is there any chance that you’d consider joining us for a wine dinner with some older reds & whites up in Maine?

“10/27/2008: There is a lovely floral almost perfumed scent to this wine. There is so much going on in this wine that my mind is having a hard time wrapping around what my nose can smell. Scents of earth, truffles, black fruits, blueberries, pipe tobacco, heavily flowered sourdough bread, and a scent that reminds me of the oils stained concrete floor of my grandfather’s garage. There is a lovely mouth feel to this wine as it enters the mouth leading you to think it is a light bodied wine. However, after the first swallow weight picks up and the flavors unfold as red & black fruits transition, ebb, and flow as if they are in a dance with one another…while flavors of tobacco, earth, mushrooms, and cedar unfold…into a near perfect symphony. This wine has been open for an hour and only continues to get better… (3197 views)”

Dear Kirk,
It will be an honor for me to do a Musar dinner in Maine. I will post Catherine Miles from Broadbent Selections to organize it and will let you know of the date and the city. I really look forward for it.
I like your description and I will give you my lively comments when I will come to Maine and talk about the dynamics in Chateau Musar Wines.

This just proves once again, “You have to ask for what you want, or else be happy with what you get.”

I would never have even thought to ask a winemaker from Lebanon to come do a tasting dinner in Maine, but there you go. Good for you, Kirk, I hope it comes together.

This is going to be AWESOME!!! I’ve got a core group of 6-8 people that will absolutely come to this…and hopefully there’ll be more that are interested as well! Thank you Serge!