Mr. Suckling: Life after WS?

I’m sure I’m not the only one here who’s curious … what are your plans now that you’ve left your employ with WS? Do you still plan on publishing wine reviews? If you are planning on continuing with your career as a professional wine critic, what wines/regions do you think you might choose to focus on?

I am doing my own thing as a wine critic at It will be on-line in mid-October. The focus will be Bordeaux, Italy and California, but I will visit other areas periodically like South America. It will be 80 percent high definition video. Stay tuned.

It’s great to see that we’ll still be able to read your reviews!
Hopefully you’ll check in here from time to time and remind us when the site goes live.

James, will this be a subscriber only site?

The site will be both premium subscription based as well as free. I think you will enjoy lots of interesting content. At least, I hope so.