Moving The Collection

Hey All, first time poster here so thanks in advance. I’m gearing up to move across the country and am wondering what the best way is to move my relatively small collection. I have about 24 bottles I’ll need to move ~2,000 miles. While it’s not a lot of volume, they all have a lot of sentimental value, wines we splurged on on our honeymoon, vacations etc.

The car is obviously a possibility but space is gonna be tight. We’re planning on taking about a week to make the drive but with 2 dogs, an 8 month old and my wife and I in the car and we’re gonna run out of room quick. Although…might want some of that wine in the hotel at night…

Also considering packing them with the movers, but concerns over heat and breakage.

Anyone have any experience here?

I’d bring them in the car.

+1. Bringing with you in the car is the safest way and what I did when I moved. I took with me all the things I needed immediately or were special and left the rest for the movers which arrived over a week later than scheduled and included some broken lamps.

Agree on the car as first choice. Another possible, pricier solution would be to contact a trusted wine store that has a license to ship to your new destination and see if they’d be willing to do you a solid.

Welcome to the board, Eric!

Another +1 for the car.

I once schlepped 2 cases over 1000 miles. It took me 3 days. Carrying them into and out of the hotels was a real pain, but doable.

I would suggest going to a local wine shop and getting a few different sized cardboard boxes. You should be able to find a combination that fits snugly into the footwell(s) of the back seat.

You’re not going to want to put the wine in the trunk, unless it is air conditioned.

Another option is for your wife and baby to fly 1-way, if you a) feel comfortable with that these days, and b) have the budget.

You might find someone willing to cold ship, but the “last mile” is usually just a normal, non-conditioned delivery vehicle. If you’re moving to a warm climate that could be a problem.

Good luck!

From where to where and when? If you find the car not workable there are shippers (can post threads where discussed of helpful) who will do cold ship.

Yea’s I’d check out a thread and look at the cost. I’m going Chicago to Bend and taking a week. The car’s gonna be pretty tight and before I fight for space if the cost isn’t nuts I’ll look into the cold ship.

Search threads on the Wine Talk forum, or post there. More activity there.

I may be arriving too late, but I agree with Alex…getting friends or family on either end and then over-night shipping with cool packs may be viable.