Mouton 2019 Auction Lot at Sotheby’s

Proceeds to go to Charity. Lot consists of 6 bottles, 3 magnums, 1 double magnum signed by the artist, 1 Imperial, and 1 Nebuchadnezzar. If my numbers are correct this is 44 bottles. The price range shown was 30,000 euro to 100,000 euro. The lot went for 130,000 euro plus 32,500 buyer’s premium or 162,500 euro. How does one pour a Neb, i.e. 20 bottles, and god forbid it’s corked! Or does Diam do a big cork?

That’s $16k of wine EP. Nice 12x markup.

It’s not a markup if people are making the bid.

Only worth it if the lot also includes a link to a pixelated picture of the wine.

Are you sure Sotheby’s charged VIG. For charity lots, the house usually waives it.

Last bid I recall seeing was $130,000. Then saw lot closed and a price of 162,500. Assumed that the 32,500 was the buyers premium. I would hope the seller (Mouton) wasn’t charged.

It’s for charity and signed by the artist. Comparison to EP or prior auction prices makes no sense