Mount Eden visit - been there?

I heard some time last year that Mount Eden finally opened up for visits to their Santa Cruz winery. I love their Chardonnays - anyone been to the winery and could describe their visit? [cheers.gif]

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Been tasting there a few times over the years.
Great Chards produced here with great views of the Valley.
Advice: Use your lowest gear all the way down the hill with minimum brake usage (trust me on this one!)


I don’t have any personal experience with Mt Eden’s new tours & tastings, but there’s some info here:

As with Scott, I don’t have any experience with their new program, but I was able to visit Jeffrey Patterson at Mount Eden with a few friends back in 2013 and had a great time. Some notes on that visit FWIW: Mount Eden Vineyards, April 2013

Is it Domaine Eden that is now available for visitors? This is the vineyard and winemaking facility they bought a few years back.

Listened to Levi Dalton’s podcast with Jeffrey Patterson last week. It was a good listen. I thought he said something about visitors at Domaine now. Not positive.

Some of us visited under the new program last year. That was at the estate. We were up around the house overseeing the vineyard while we listened to the history explained, then did duck into the original cellar under the house. After that, we did a sit down tasting. Pretty much what the link Scott put up describes. Great view up there.

Iirc, Domaine has quite a bit of narrow single lane dirt/gravel road up to it. Doesn’t seem so amenable to visits.

Going up to the Estate, much is now paved (to where someone put in a new house), but it’s still gravel after that.

Here’s the view from the house at Mount Eden, from April 2013. Wes was there with us that day too.

(I thought I had the image embedded in my earlier post but it disappeared - I must be doing something wrong these days with images)

01 mount eden.jpg

I once drove all the way up to Mt. Eden when I was supposed to be at Domaine Eden. It’s not too many good golf shots between them, but it’s a lot of driving!

Great picture, Ken - wish I was sitting there with a nice glass of Mt. Eden chardonnay.
Thanks, everyone, for the responses. Next time I am in the area I will need to stop by and then post on my visit.

Hello! Mount Eden Vineyards is now open by appointment only. Click on this link to make a reservation for a weekday or every other Saturday tour:
Unfortunately Domaine Eden is not open to the public at this time.

Welcome Sophie !

We went up there about a month ago, and were hosted by the owner’s son. He showed us the old celler, and then had a sit down tasting of 2 chards, 2 pinots, and 2 cabs. They also had 2 friendly dogs that greeted us, which my wife loved. Overall great wines and visit.

The road up there is pretty crazy, especially when its pouring rain like when we went.