Mount Eden Pinot Noir - proposed charity tasting in New York

I have been asked to conduct some charity tastings of Mount Eden Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Before I pick a date and start searching for a venue, I want to see if there is interest.

For a New York tasting, we would have 12 vintages of Mount Eden Pinot Noir, ranging from 1987 - 2012. The venue could be in any neighborhood convenient to those who want to attend. I am thinking Manhattan, but it doesn’t have to be. Cost could be ~$5-600 which would include everything, with ~$4-500 being tax deductible. I assume a reasonably full dinner and I will contribute Champagne and white wine for the aperitif, the appropriate courses and palate cleansers. Twelve people. This could be late May, early June or early fall; I don’t want to do it in the summer.

Please let me know if this seems appropriate and if anybody in the NY area might be interested.

Thank you.

Dan Kravitz