Most useless tasting note I've ever seen...

That would actually make some sense, but it was for an older Riesling. Maybe that’s a thing in the South?

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I thought I was reading James Herriot.

I was thinking brunello … and google perhaps bears that out… San Filippo Le Lucere Brucellosis Di Montalcino - A&D Wines - Buy Rite South Orange, South Orange, NJ

Well, this one was probably from spellcheck

But this one is a bit more difficult to understand


“Rooney” ??:thinking:. Is he taking the Mickey?

I’m not sure if this is useless, but certainly is one of the more unusual notes I’ve seen:
“Golden-rimmed. A hint of Tutankhamun burial mask to it.” - Colin Hay on the Champagne Boizel Joyau 2012