Most useless tasting note I've ever seen...

Ummm, Chardonnay. Right there in the note gramps.


Ummm, more likely the leafy green chard, whippersnapper :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Interesting paywall :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

First time posting in this thread but had to with this one today…popped up in recent reviews of my cellar–2017 Hyde De Villaine Pinot Noir Ysabel.

“Took to Palm Desert and shared with the guys” NR

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I always report that type of note with the “report issue” feature. Reason is, it isn’t a tasting note. Eric’s team removes or, more appropriately, moves it to the personal note field so the public doesn’t see such dribble. :slight_smile:


Same and they are very responsive.

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Saw this one today:

Tasted by XXXXX on 1/8/2021: Into a decanter at 1:30. (660 views) - report issue | favorite author

Didn’t even bother to say what time dinner was.

That “report issue” button is there just screaming to be clicked.

With the power of a thousand suns.

Well, I guess it’s useful if you know what brucellosis tastes like.

I wonder if the person writing the note is an infectious disease specialist

Noticed at least two other notes mentioning brucellosis. Maybe it’s a new fad?


Oh God, please say it ain’t so! :smile:

Also love that a wine that drinks like brucellosis gets 93 points in his book.

Another wine was a classic brucellosis, one was Rooney, Syrahs and powerful brucellosis.


Remember when we had some huge argument on here about someone using hantavirus as a descriptor in a tasting note?

Screenshot 2024-04-03 034948

Wow! What was the wine - Carlo Rossi?

Probably cream sherry… I had an interesting fellow come in a few times for sherry for turtle soup.

I wonder if this was a copy/paste from another location and the keyboard language didn’t support the paste.

If I had to guess, I’d guess it was the aggressively stupid Apple spellchecker at work.