Most Underrated Bordeaux?

With 2018 discussions in full swing, curious as to opinions on the most underrated Bdx, red or white…?

Guess I’ll jumpstart my own thread. How about Château Canon-la-Gaffelière. Consistently sub $100 wine, high CT scores, and ages well.

Ok, will bite. Beychevelle, although price is creeping up, Corbin, and Giscours (since 2010). Finally La Tour de By which I buy for everyday drinking

For me, it would have to be Lagrange (St.J), still at the same price since 1996, or thereabouts.

Let me hoard some, before saying so. neener

Poujeaux perhaps? Amazing quality for the price.

Hard for me to call a $100 wine underrated.

To my mind, Parker serially underrated Magdelaine and, to a lesser degree, Canon. But that ship has sailed.

For claret underrated today, I’d put Corbin on the list, I’d add Gloria whose quality still exceeds its price, sounds like BAMA might be a candidate though I’ve yet to try it.

Hmmm. I agree with everything but Beychevelle but I think that one ceased being a bargain some time ago. I can still find the 80s vintages under $100 sometimes and like them very much but in recent vintages it has been a $100+ wine

Talbot, although don’t love it quite as much as the old Cordier days…

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On the lower end, I find Capbern to often outperform its price point


Denny has found a stash of older BDX in Florida with amazing provenance and storage. He has been buying multiple 80s vintages of Talbot (Gruaud Larose and Lynch Bages as well) and all have been stunning.

Top of mind is Haut-Bailly (though I haven’t their vintages past ‘06 or ‘07). Agree with others that Corbin & Giscours qualify. The few bottles of ‘96 Giscours I’ve had over the past year certainly performed very well for their moderate price.


Just about every good property under the ‘Medoc’ appellation.

To name a few -

Chateau Potensac
Chateau Saint-Bonnet
Chateau La Tour de by
Chateau La Tour-Saint-Bonnet
Chateau Livran
Chateau Greysac
Chateau Loudenne
Chateau Sigognac
Chateau Patache-d’Aux

And on the Right Bank - too many to mention, but my favorite value;

Chateau Rocher Corbin - Montagne Saint Emilion

Domaine de chevalier

Yep. Had the 2010 recently and was blown away for that price.

I’m struggling to resolve an internal dispute regarding underrated vs. underpriced. And, then, underrated by whom? If underpriced, is that w/r/t other Bdx. or w/r/t the entire world of wine?

Without the benefit of answers to those questions, I’d nominate Cantemerle.

Depending on answers to those questions, I might add Leoville Barton, Domaine de Chevalier, Grand Puy Lacoste, Rauzan Segla, Haut Bailly, and Pichon Baron.


Caronne Sainte Gemme

Agree LaTour de By

On this board, based on prior threads, Leoville las Cases.

More generally, maybe Grand Puy Lacoste among classified Bordeaux.

Another vote for Lagrange.