Most insane bar tabs I’ve ever seen

First, I’m in the wrong business. I should have been an EDC server and just get tips.

Check these tabs out.

Holy Sh**

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The “unmet minimum” $30.00 charge on the second tab is hilarious.

I would have definitely complained about that.

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What is a 9% administration fee? Then, there’s a 20% service fee. Then, there’s a line to fill in for gratuity on top of everything.

The 20 guests on tab#2 must have been close to death with that quantity of alcohol consumed. Unless they were sharing freely around the place.

And what is ‘All are Welcome’ that costs $11k?

This is two different cheques? Domaneque is doing well. Good for her.

$75 for each water bucket? $3k in water.

Betting she doesn’t see much of that “service fee”.

Apparently space tea whatever that is, is the bargain.

First one was my friend. They didn’t even drink all of it. He said the Ace of Spades was disappointing so I suggested he get DP or Cristal next time.

That was puzzling but it looks like they must have had a minimum spend of $120k for a buyout, and the $30 is just rounding up to that exact number. I’m imagining the server offering them something for $30 and saying “It’s only wafer thin…”

One thing I’ve learned is that champagne is by far the worst thing to buy in the club. While the markup seems on paper not as bad, the combination of loss from pouring and how quickly it’s consumed is wild.

Crypto? That is what has been reported.

Meh. These are no doubt baller, but six-figure club tabs are just another weekend in Vegas. We spent five figures a couple of times. It’s very easy with a group with the insane markups and you have girls who don’t want to drink anything but champagne. It’s like, honey, the whole group can drink all night on one bottle of vodka that costs the same amount as 4 glasses of champagne.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on how the waitresses will come over and drink your champagne all night. Suddenly 4 bottles are gone and she’s selling you more and she and her friends drank two of them.


A bottle of champagne costs as much as several bottles of vodka. A bottle of grey goose is like 500 and a bottle of Moët imperial is like 700 haha. Magnum of Moët imperial ice is like 1750.

We basically just get a nice bottle of scotch or bourbon now, some tequila and vodka, and some buckets of beer and seltzer.

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In years past I have been with folks who spent this kind of money on a night out. Gotta say -even though it was them sporting the tab - at the end of the day participating in it just made me feel like a chump. Nothing wrong with it, mind you, but that is how I felt.

I posted a photo somewhere of a Midas (30L) of Ace of Spades in a sarcophagus that was opened and consumed at Nammos beach club on Mykonos circa 2015. €120,000, including tax but not gratuity, for the bottle.