Morgan Ranch American Wagyu Beef - Shipping like mad!

Other quick note - if you’re running a smoker, consider making this at the same time. Another super easy dish, and it’s delicious.

Same. Any more than that, and the dish is over-cooked and over-smoked (at least for me).

I usually rest my briskets and rib plates for a few hours in my Yeti. That’s just about the right amount of time to assemble the Mac n’ Cheese, get it on the smoker, and then sear the top under the broiler.

One other variation I like with my smoked M&C is to mix in a 12 oz jar of Hatch green chiles. Yum!

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My dad does a lot of the smoked cream cheeses. They are actually really much better than expected

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Well, I had to send some sad emails this morning.
We know that WineBerserkers are…berserk. But you guys exceeded our expectations! We are momentarily out of Bone-In Striploins. How embarrassing.
The good news is that we have more on the way. The cattle were harvested yesterday. After fab tomorrow, the beef will age and then be further cut down into steaks, packaged and frozen. By mid - late March, we’ll be able to ship the remaining Small and Large Boxes. Please accept our apologies.

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Hah! I think you’re just driving up the hype, as everybody waits in anticipation of spectacular steaks!!!

Can’t fool me!


Is anticipation the best seasoning?
I guess some lucky folks who got their Bone-In Strips could post photos to really bring the hurt.

I am in no hurry! Anytime I get a shipment from Morgan Ranch, is a very special day!!!

Do you guys ever have Teres Major available?

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Very rarely. We sell them to our wholesale accounts rather than make them pretty and put them in a special package for retail.
There was a time this fall when I had a few here at the ranch. I reached out to some WineBerserkers and they snatched them right up.

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You will have to bring the flat iron out as well!

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Hey @Zachary_Mancini and @M1a_U - or anyone else interested…
I have access to flat irons! They come as a 16 ounce portion to be cut into two steaks. We’ll sell them 5 for $170 or 10 for $340. Overnight shipping included. This is a custom order so contact me on WB or at to order. Shipping is going to be dependent on when I can get the product to the ranch. If we get some response today, I’ll be able to ship on Thursday. If not, it will be two weeks.

Edited - Carrie made a HUGE calculation error. If you’ve contacted me, expect an email. I’m so sorry


In for 10. $17/lb shipped? No brainer.

Before I do an order,does this mean don’t bother?

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I mean when i first read it, i knew there’s a typo… b/c it was 5 for $135 and 10 for $170… i figured it was 135/270. but regardless, logically it wasn’t gonna be 10 for $170 :smiley:

You’re half right!:beers:

Ugh. In my head I was thinking $17 per steak…but that’s an 8 ounce steak.
I really screwed up - sorry guys!

You can still order…It just isn’t nearly as enticing.

I was all right at first. I even emailed Carrie and asked her if it was a typo and she said no. She saw the error of her ways soon after. :joy:

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I thought that it must be a typo but then Carrie ‘loved’ Brian’s comment!

Fine!I was half right.:2nd_place_medal: