Morgan Ranch American Wagyu Beef - Shipping like mad!

That love turned to shit overnight! :rofl:

Ya know, some days you feel like you’ve got the world by the tail… others you sell beef for a loss :rofl: :roll_eyes:

The steaks are here and going out today!


Cant wait!!!

I don’t think anybody on here expects you or wants you to lose money!I don’t speak for everybody but I’m confident that the vast majority feels the same.

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I agree with Mike, we are a forgiving bunch here. And lets be honest Carrie you got some street cred built up with this group!!

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Thanks guys! We work hard to produce some great beef and get it to our customers. WineBerserkers really are a great group of people. Many of you are more than just customers to us.


We’re working on making room in our freezers!

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Have to admit, I feel like extended family. Greatest Christmas order EVER. This stays on my refrigerator, next to 3,472 pieces of “A” or 4 point graded homework papers for the kids.



Defrosting one tonight for tomorrow! Finally get to try the morgan ranch flat iron!

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The flatirons are crazy good, very tender yet flavorful.


@Carrie_Morgan - just visited the website to check in on flatirons - don’t see them available and didn’t recall seeing them n the past - is this cut available?

PS love the tri tips but it boy those striploin medallions!



Got to email her for the flat irons. And agree on striploin medallions. My favorite from them!

Bill, you have great taste - Those striploin medallions are one of my favorites too!

All because of @Zachary_Mancini’s persistence, I was able to get my hands on some Flat Iron Steaks. The guys usually reserved them for restaurants because they take a bit of cutting down. We probably won’t be putting them on the website, but as long as there are some available, we can get them to Berserkers.

I’ll shoot you an email.

It was a Morgan Ranch Beef kinda night. Wagyu Kabobs, Wagyu Filet Tail Kabobs and Wagyu Flatiron. 2023 Myriad Cellars Dr Crane Barrel Sample. Saying “Life is Good” is an understatement. #hisandhersgrilling #carnivorediet #screwcarbs #cowboybutter #daddydust


You went all in! Well done!

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Flatiron looks killer…well it all does, but especially that!!

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@Zachary_Mancini Thank you & @Carrie_Morgan Thank you! Pumped for some Flat Irons!

At the risk of overwhelming you with too many offers, we have another…