More Jumilla score disagreements???

Anyone else had this wine:

2004 Bodegas y Viñedos de Murcia Jumilla Pico Madama?

I bought 3 bottles at Costco a couple of years ago based on Miller’s score (93) and curiosity of what these Jumilla wines were all about.

I just finished my last bottle and was VERY underwhelmed by the wine each time. Just very plain, uninteresting, and boring. Mid 80’s at best for me and I don’t see how he could ever get 93 out of it. In tasting through these, I just assumed two things - Jumilla wines probably aren’t for me and JM gave it an inflated score, just like a bunch of other wines. The wine wasn’t undrinkable like the Sierra Carche being discussed, but even with score inflation, it sure wasn’t a 93.

Now, I’m really suspicious.

Any thoughts?

I bought a lone bottle way back when it hit the Costco shelves based solely on the numbers and drank it straight away to see if I wanted more…didn’t buy any more since it was underwhelming. Don’t know if I would call it a 20 pt swing, but it wasn’t a 93 pointer at that time.

I bought a couple from Garagiste I think. Opened one about a year ago and it seemed a bit closed to me though I wasn’t sure it was going to be much anyways. After all this chatter it probably won’t last the year.

What’s the consensus on the Miller score deflator factor (i.e., how many points you subtract to get to something in line with the rest of the world)?

For recent QC cabs…subtract 5 to 7 points from the published review.

It’s an exponential curve for me. The higher he scores it, the more I subtract, but it’s very uneven. The 03 Alion he scored a 96, I would give a 92, but the 04 Pintia he gave a 95 and I would give it probably a 94+.

This wine doesn’t taste anything like the wine he described and gave a 93. Like I said earlier, I would be somewhat generous to give it an 85-86.

Interesting, looking through the CT tasting notes of the Pico Madama and most are 88-90. Max hit on this in the other thread - people are intimidated about dramatically disagreeing with the “professional” score.

Also, notice that GV at Wine Library didn’t even score it because he thought something was off. That’s pretty rare for GV, who tends to be generous with wines that I would call ok to pretty good. I suspect he just purchased his bottle on the open market and wasn’t part of the “tasting session” that JM was in on…


It’s interesting that the importer says there were three bottlings. That seems like a lot for a $45 wine. You’d think that would be produced in small enough quantities to be bottled just once.

I didn’t know this. I don’t have any bottles left to read the labels, but I did just look up Pico Madama on Google and the importer was … [drum roll, please!] …

Well Oiled Wine Co.!

I had no idea when I posted my thread originally. I have no clue if this means anything, but it is an interesting similarity…

Sadly Id agree…good wines the QC, but when tasted with other “100 pointers” they always fall short by a good margin…

One word…Cayuse.

Chris –

Over on eBob, the importer posted, saying, “we learned of the problem after the wine hit the PLCB and WL [Wine Library]. There have been many great reviews by customers, but many similar to what I’ve seen on this blog, so we are pretty sure it was just one portion of the bottling,” and asking people to contact him with their bottle numbers.

The link is:" onclick=";return false; (posts #12 and 18)


Thanks and I saw a little of it, but I think we are talking about two different wines. He is talking about 2006 Sierra Carche and I’m talking about 2004 Bodegas y Viñedos de Murcia Jumilla Pico Madama.

The fact they have the same importer is interesting and something I noticed after I started this thread.



I had heard many negative things about Pico Madama before this controversy.

FYI, I have never tasted or purchased anything from the Well Oiled Wine Co. Just what I have heard.

Same as QC above. Another Miller abomination in scoring.

Yes, Cayuse is very overrated. I concur. How about when he said their Viognier was better than anything from the Rhone Valley…he poo pooed the entire region. Hilarious.

25-40 points or so.

I was thinking 15 points but you might be right.

Oh, and there is no doubt you can throw away his drinking windows.

score deflator? … score deflator!?! … how about score ignorer!!

many of ya’lls’ opinions carry much more weight with me than that of Miller.