Headed to Montreal next month for three days for the first time. Recommendations on places to stay, good restaurants and things to do would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Schwartz’ Deli, Joe Beef, many great places.
Great city to walk and practice French.

Rue St Denis, Rue St Laurent. No need to stray further.

My favorite meals in Montreal have been at Chez L’spicier - so friendly and welcoming, such very good food

I always buy bread at Pain Dore - and when possible, I stop by before heading to airport and bring back glorious loaves

The Montreal Tourism board has a very useful site - Montreal Festivals are just such fun - everyone out in the streets enjoying themselves …

I was just in Montreal in June, and I disagree with the recommendation to stick to the Old Town.
Lots of interesting neighborhoods and a great transit system to get there, particularly the subway.
Top sites outside the Old Town include Mount Royal, the Jean Talon Market, the Botanical Gardens, and St. Joseph Oratory. A boat ride from the Old Port is also enjoyable.
The Old Town does have its charm, but I preferred hitting it in the late morning, before the tourist hordes swelled.
As with so many other places, making the effort to greet people in French will buy you goodwill. Most service workers will happily switch to English once they hear your accent, but they appreciate efforts to acknowledge their culture.

Agreed - we always enjoyed wandering around Le Plateau in particular.

The boss (wife) has a conference in Montreal in late October and plan on tagging along. Is it feasible to drive into the city or a huge hassle? Thought it could make for a nice driving trip that time of the year…

When I lived in NH, I used to drive up often and it was fine. Once there, I’d park the car for the whole stay as walking and the metro were best.

If you drive in around rush hour, it can be brutal. But once you’ve got the car there, you don’t need it again until it’s time to leave.
I would search for a long-term parking arrangement, though, as rates in some areas are quite steep.

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Thanks for everyone’s suggestions.

FYI, they have Car2Go and Uber

L’express bistro on le plateau is great. Great wine list, nice for lunch.

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Thank you!

Bumping the old thread. Any new recommendation? Looking for wine bars that would open during the day for some solo day drinking.

We took a quick jaunt to Montréal for the 4-day weekend and ate at some really good places so I thought I’d drop them in this old thread.

We stayed in Saint-Henri, which is a very cute and interesting neighborhood with excellent restaurants. We had a nice lunch at Bar Bara (fresh focaccia sandwiches), a really swell classic/rich French dinner at Foiegwa, and an amazing dinner another night at Heni - this was a wow moment. Simply outstanding seasonal Middle Eastern/North African food. The grilled lobster in spiced tamarind sauce, the fried quail with preserved peppers and yogurt, and the grilled mackerel chermoula were all knockouts.

We also went to the famous L’Express in the Plateau for lunch. So many cornichons! Again, super classic bistro fare, à point. And we had an absolutely delicious dinner at Le Filet, also in Plateau, which I would recommend to anyone. Very nice wine list here, with some exceptional, if not cheap, by-the-glass choices (Cotat Sancerre “Les Monts Damnés”, 1er cru Chablis, etc.).

We also enjoyed walking all around Mile End, Little Portugal, Plateau, Old Montreal, and Saint-Henri. We checked out the Musée des Beaux-Arts, which has a very fine and diverse collection and is worth a visit. The city is beautiful and the residential architecture is charming. We also marveled at the incredible number of absolutely hideous brutalist buildings that are all over downtown Montreal and occasionally elsewhere. The Metro is excellent and at times awe-inspiring as some of the stations are at least 7-8 stories underground!



Going later this month, have reservations at Le Filet already!

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We loved it! We had a fried sweetbreads with lobster ravioli special that was outstanding.

If you consider Heni, which really is outstanding, just know that it was warm inside when we went. The air conditioning struggled a bit against the oven - but the freshly made pita offer some consolation.