Montreal BYO?


I don’t know what’s up with Aaron DeMello, I haven’t seen him lately, but you might try to PM him. He certainly knows the scene there.

We had a very good meal with our own wines at Restaurant Christophe in a private room, but I don’t know their general policies.

Ah good idea! Did anyone bring a Sharpie to that dinner? [highfive.gif]

I highly recommend La Colombe (554 Duluth East corner St-Hubert, 514 849-8844) We ate there the last time we were in Montreal last August and had a very nice meal. My son and I started with the seared foie gras and had an '88 Ch. Caillou Sauterne to go with it. Entrees were the confit lamb shank for my son, venison filet for me, and halibut for the wife. We brought a '00 Bodegas Caro to go with the meat (my wife doesn’t drink very much at all so we don’t normally worry about what she is ordering when making decisions about what wine to bring.). Dessert was a chocolate concoction that was to die for. We ended up having a nice conversation with the couple at the table next to us and shared wine back and forth, much to both of our delight. This is a small place, so make a reservation.

Other places that have been recommended to me by wine folks who live there include Le P’tit Plateau (330 Marie Anne East, 514 282-6342), Christophe (1187 Van Horne, 514 4270-0850), À l’os (5207 St-Laurent, 514 270-7055), O’Thym (1112 de Maisonneuve East, 514 525-3443), Yoyo (4720 Marquette, 514 524-4187), Pégasse (1831 Gilford, 514 522-0487), and Zeste de Folie (3017 Masson, 514 727-0991). However, I cannot give you any personal recommendation for any of these.

OMG-why is no one posting about Restaurant O Thym? The best Foie Gras I’ve had in years outside Paris or NYC. The worst part was that I found a beautiful Deiss Gruenspiel that was corked! I managed fine because their weer several generous wine peeps next to me who brought me and my wife into their party, so the vino became family style.

Any updates on corkage fees in Montreal?

Eater Montreal has a good article on Montreal BYOB places.
I have not yet been to any of the places listed. Eater Montreal, however, has led me to many great restaurants in the past and so I have generally followed their reviews and recommendations.
Bouillon Bilk, Candide, Nora Gray, Le Serpent, Jun I, to name a few.

bingo! thank you.

There are no corkage fees in Montreal, it does not exist here :wink: If it’s BYO then it’s always free.