Monthly check-in: Cellar inventory reduction plan

Thanks to @alan_weinberg, wine influencer extraordinaire, I just bought some Guiborat Prisme 17. Alan often admits his own monthly failings, but he never takes responsibility for mine.

I get a vicarious rush spending the money of others. Jerry Hey gets the blame for this buy—I’m just channeling him.

Roger that, with an assist from Warren.

May is going to be +28 purchased, -13 consumed for a large fail of net +15. Must try harder.

You’ve got a whole week to drink more!


I’m not that much of a hero!

You know you have a buying problem when a retailer is unable to fulfill an order you placed and your sense of relief is greater than your original sense of excitement. Maybe I can get the retailer to establish this kind of exchange every month.


Things again moving in the right direction after a horrible 2022. Down about 2.5% on the year…