Monopole Crü TEASER thread (for those not (yet) in the Crü)

I’ve decided it might be smart to have a thread dedicated to many/most of the offers that are available only to Monopole Crü members (via their private forum) so that anyone jockeying with the idea might decide if/when it is right for them to join.

These offers come and go VERY quickly (truly the average is under 2 hours and offers are gone) so by posting teasers here before they show up, it gives those with GCC or no status the opportunity to upgrade to get these offers when they see one that might suit their fancy.

If/when you are wanting to join, click your username at the top right, ‘my memberships’ and use the upgrade form.


And the May Day teaser is…

I’m about to launch a TRIO of amazing offers on Monopole Crü this weekend.


  • Big-name Burgundy (including mags and verticals!) with savings of $60 - $261 PER BOTTLE/MAG

  • California library cab offer from BerserkerDay favorite

  • Ridiculous discounts on Norlin bags (something 85% off)

    All three in this trio are extremely limited, with only a few of each on most, up to 2 dozen of some of the Burgundy offers.

Now’s the time to join if you haven’t already. I’ll be announcing this with a Monopole Crü-wide private message, and, as with ALL limited MC-only offers, it will be gone in hours. There are always the complaining posts thereafter on how work got in the way, how someone perhaps didn’t check email in time and missed out, etc. You’ll see them if you join, as those posts/threads are all in the Monopole Crü forum that you’ll gain immediate access to (and where these deals will be posted).

OH, and the ‘bonus’ extra offer of a discount on Wine Advocate annual subscriptions [berserker.gif]

I keep saying this all the time, but man is Monopole Cru a no brainer. I get way more than $100 of value from Winer Berserkers just from all the discussions, camaraderie and information shared. Add in all BerserkerDay perks and now the deals Todd coordinates with frequency, and it’s a no brainer.

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Anyone else thinking of Ron Popeil?

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Lemme see now. I should pay $75 more per year in order to spend even more on wine than I do now? This is the worst promotion I have ever seen.

stefan, a new MC member

The more you buy, the more you save?

Yeah, I lose money on every purchase, but I make it up with volume

Reminder…this launches at/around 8am Pacific tomorrow, and a group-wide PM will be sent out. Guessing one of the offers, in particular, will sell out within an hour.

I resent the obvious bias that an 8 AM launch has toward early risers. I rarely go to bed before 2 AM and by the time I get up, the offers would all be gone.

Easy solution, move to the east coast or Europe.

I paid the MC fee to support the site. Nothing offered to date interests me, but I’m happy to support WB in its current form and format.

Three offers just posted, posting the Wine Advocate discount code soon as well.

We’ve got library CA Cabernet direct from the producer, big name Burgundy (including a lot of mags), and something like 85-90% off Norlin bags.

Should be something even for Mark!

One sold out in less than 30 minutes, another in 50 minutes…not sure yet on the Burgundy deal as there were far more of those, but soon, I’m sure.

It’s almost as if there are some great deals there or something!

I saved a lot by getting the MC upgrade and then not buying ostrich or zebra or whatever. neener

stefan, a new MC member