Mollydooker is live!

Just in case your email was caught in your spam filter, as was mine. newhere

We are absolutely thrilled to announce the release of our 2016 Gigglepot, Blue Eyed Boy, and the highly anticipated return of our Enchanted Path, Carnival of Love and… Miss Molly! It’s been two years since their last release and boy was it worth the wait, they are absolute beauties! Check out what our winemakers have to say below.

You can get your hands on these highly sought after wines at an incredible price by ordering our MollyClub Dozen for only $499 (RRP $625). As an added bonus, you’ll automatically become a MollyClub member and receive up to 20% discount* on future orders! To learn more about MollyClub, click here.

Are they still getting hundreds of points?

It hasn’t been the same since winemaker Joey Wallaby left & they dropped the Drunken Kangaroo from the lineup.

THAT was funny! I think he interned with Kiwi Kookaburra years ago.

I thought they were all the Drunken Kangaroo.

Isn’t Joey’s replacement a first cousin of the winemaker at Belle Glos / Meomi?