Miso Soup & Sake; Chocolates and Virtuoso

Tonight we had a ‘light’ supper between indulgences. A couple bowls of homemade Miso Soup with the end of our last bottle of Wandering Poet to start, followed by an ancient Sho Chiku Bai - it’s been in our cellar for at least seven years, possibly longer; it was slightly oxidized, with little character, we each had a glass or so and pitched the rest.

Then for dessert we had our usual TJ’s chocolate bars (milk for Carollee and 71% cocoa dark for me). They were enjoyable with another Susana Balbo Virtuoso Late-Harvest Malbec.

Did that bottle get lost or were you purposefully aging it? And if so, does sake supposedly benefit from aging? I always thought it was “buy and drink soon”

Sake doesn’t age (well). This was a bottle that had lain neglected in our SoCal cellar (after we had become accustomed to better sakes). It came to Santa Fe with us in late '03, and was neglected here too. Tonight we only had the partial bottle of Wandering Poet and I didn’t feel like going to get more, so we tried the long neglected Sho Chiko Bai. It wasn’t as bad I thought it might be, but it wasn’t very good either. We’re going to Susan’s this afternoon, so I’ll pick up some more sakes then.