Mind Blown

Drift given Jeremy Holmes experience with Australia.

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Because burgundy is in Australia?

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I saw the opportunity to reach out because of Jeremy’s statement “Disclaimer: We have imported these wines into Australia for the best part of 15 years.” I thought he might have a recommendation or two from his years of experience importing wines into Australia. I had no idea that it would offend you and you have my apologies. But as always, I got some great recommendations from fellow winelovers that didn’t seem to mind that I had asked.

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I’m delighted to have anyone talk about anything wine related in my threads. The more drifting the better!

Michael, sorry I didn’t respond regarding Sydney. I haven’t been there in quite a while. Kent’s list seems to be a good one.


What about pricing? It always seems expensive.

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Thank you. Unusual situation with no wine shop. Online orders and delivery only.


I have looked at several wine shop websites now and they all seem to be about the same price and they are expensive but the prices include the 17% GST that I might be able to get back. In the end, if I want to buy a couple of cases of wine in Sydney to take back onboard our ship, my choices of shops will be limited geographically.

Kent St Cellars is the on line presence of CBD Cellars.
We do have a few key independent on line wine retailers here who post Covid are operating on line only. I suspect the margins on line are better than old bricks and mortar given high wages and rents.
Michael GST is 10%, we also have a Wine Equalisation tax (WET) of 29% on wholesale. but would doubt that you could claim that…

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As a disclaimer: I never drink whites as I tend to be very allergic. I also have been dry for medical reasons, so I hadn’t tasted anything else for a month or two prior to having this wine. But I was curious by the thread, by JM VIncent’s story, and the idea of a Soler. Thank you Jeremy for the recommendation!

I bought my bottles from One Kourt Wine. The bottle I ended up consuming arrived very warm. One Kourt uses temp controlled delivery, so its unclear where the temp went awry. Without my asking, One Kourt offered to replace the 2 bottles (and was very insistent on it! a VERY reputable retailer), but I did not accept it and drank that bottle. So I don’t know if the bottle I had was pristine. Also, I was told the wine was only recently bottled, and it would show different (i.e. better I assume) in a few more months .

It was more Meursault than Chablis, which I prefer. Perfumed and complex on the nose. Complexity on the palate with white grapes, lemon, lemon peel, salinity, crushed rock, faint green coconut. Long finish. I appreciated the acidity, which I struggled to label… medium acidity on the mid-palate but finishes with a little bit more raciness med+. I am not an acid freak, so I liked it a bit, although I would have preferred a smidge more raciness to offset the white grape note. When the bottle started getting too warm, we felt it needed to be re-chilled and did so (when for reference, we would rarely do so). Very fine boned and pretty, yet with good intensity of flavor. I have no idea if this will age 20 years, but I thought 5-10 was readily doable (age into what, is another question - I never had an aged aligote). It did not taste like an angry young wine asking for an overnight slow-0 (but maybe this wasn’t a pristine bottle?), but the nose did grow with a couple hours air. My headline for the wine: quaffable complexity. I wish I recalled what alc % the wine was, but certainly wasn’t 14.5%. This wine had me reading more on JM Vincent’s backstory and I would like to one day touch the man’s feet as a sign of respect.

I can easily recommend buying from One Kourt Wine:


Lol I thought this was the Jeremy AMA thread???

Hey Jeremy, boxers, briefs or commando? :cowboy_hat_face:

jh—you moved the market here in the States. Martin Steinley may still have a bit . . .

mentioned in the burgundy thread, but one kourt is the store that got all those orders when this thread went live. so funny.

kimberly is terrific and her store is the only really good shop out here. always fun stuff. had a terrific audoin marsannay clos du roy 2017 this week.

had this last night with another wine human and even after reading this thread, my mind was pretty blown. aligote expectations totally subverted. this is very serious juice and i believe will likely improve with cellaring. jeremy’s note is spot on; two elements that really stick out are the ginger and the dry extract that i typically find in wines from meursault, but in a more laser focused manner. the fruit is abundant but not in any way heavy - this is very much not chardonnay but it is very much white burgundy. what a fascinating drink and i’m thrilled this is happening in burgundy…



It’s 12.5% (and delicious)

Bought a few based on this thread and opened the first one last night. Not a bad wine, but mind not blown…

I liked the nose, but the palate lacked precision and acidity for me. I also felt it was a bit nondescript, hard to pick Aligote or Burgundy if served blind. Unfortunately, it became more muddled with air and the first sip was the best. A well made white wine, but also not much more for now. Maybe it will age and blossom into something special. I’ll let my remaining bottles rest for now.

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If anyone is interested in splitting a case of this wine, please DM me