Milling About

A small group of four had a remarkably pleasant dinner at the Milling Room last night. Wines, food and company were splendid.

1995 Louis Roederer Brut
Robust, vibrant, fantastic match with the salmon tartare.

2011 Roulot Auxey Duresses Blanc
Lovely, perfect with the salmon tartare but less interesting to me on its own.

2007 Prager Bodenstein Riesling
Ripe and gorgeous and tropical. Some disagreement on whether the nose or the palate is best but it’s a fine wine all around.

2014 Juge Cornas
Cornucopia of scents, olives and beauty and lavender. Both this and the red Burgundy clashed horribly with the salmon tartare but went very well with the duck breast.

1990 Drouhin Bonnes Mares
Underbrush with a hint of lavender, supple and lovely on the palate, soft and long as as comforting as a down blanket on a bright winter’s day. With an hour or so of air a hint of stewed fruit started coming and going. It would be objectionable for a 10 seconds or so and then vanish. Not certain what that indicates for future aging but I’d be inclined to recommend drinking this now. Though I remember experiencing something similar with the 1990 Drouhin Amoureuses 15-20 years ago so it might not be a danger sign.

1985 La Lagune
Beautiful, supple, perfectly mature Bordeaux. Nice match with the duck, perfect match with the clockwise cheese.

2010 Egon Muller Wiltinger Braune Kupp Auslese
Apricot! Amazing intensity to this wine. Great match for most of the cheese plate.

Never had Roulot Auxey, but it’s the kind of very geeky, not too expensive Burg I look for.

Dan Kravitz

Brad Kane coordinated a nice dinner there (Milling Room, Upper West Side…assuming it’s the same) for Merrill Lindquist a couple months ago. I thought the food was tasty and the no corkage on Tuesday was great.

I remember your blind PYCM red. Are you on a White Burg producer’s Red kick these days? Quite the young Cornas. Thanks for sharing notes.


Nice memories of that get together at The Milling Room. Thanks to Brad for coordinating that, and for the fine company and great wines brought to the table. Even the Cameron caper, Mr. Trimpi. The food at the restaurant was excellent…a great choice for offline or otherwise.

I suppose it’s only appropriate that a Miller should spend time in a Milling Room. :slight_smile:

Must be a distant relative. [cheers.gif]

Except the Auxey was white neener

The Auxey was reduced and only started to open for me after an hour. Three of us liked it more than Jay. Wonderful young Burg, very even, packed, and long. Flavors of lemon and nut still nascent. Just needs time. Thanks to Ira for bringing it, in case he’s lurking.

Yes, the white Burgundy lovers at the table loved the white Burgundy more than than I did. I still liked it and was really impressed when paired with the salmon tartare.

Whoops. Back to remedial reading comprehension. Life and people are slower out here in the boonies.


There are many worse things than that. A lot of white Burgundy producers make kick ass reds. Try Ramonet reds for example.

Apparently Roulot makes an Auxey rouge and a Monthelie. Those are wines I’d be interested in trying…despite some of the nose bleed pricing.