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We’ve got one night in Milano this week. I’ve been through prior threads and looks like Ratana has been one of the board picks but they are booked. Not looking for Michelin star but a really nice Osteria done right. I’m struggling to pick a spot that is resonating but that could also be two weeks of eating out and picking restaurants. Right now Pizzeria Da Zero is looking like a great option. I had a great business lunch there last week in Torino. The pizza was outstanding and would like my wife to try.

Has anyone been to Langosteria ? It looks like a very good option for Seafood ?

I was at langosteria Cafe. Got stomach virus (but thought it was food poisoining) that evening but could very well not be them. Sister restaurant of Langosteria. I called to inform them and they were very on top of it in terms of responding, having the chef check everything, etc. no one else reported problems to the restaurant, so I wouldn’t hesitate to go back. It is trendy and very good.

I prefer A’Riccionne for seafood and ambiance (more tranquil, others might say old fashioned), I’ve been many times. Great seafood.


In Milan we like the Navigli Canal District, it’s fun with some very good restaurants and bars. Good people watching too. The restaurant we prefer is El Brellin which serves up classic Italian and Lombardian cuisine. Have been there a few times, always very good and the back garden is lovely. Actually we have never eaten in the restaurant, only in the garden. A couple photos of the Navigli Canal area below

For something completely different I suggest Da Oscar. This place is exactly what Mulberry St in Little Italy NYC in the 60’s reminded us of. Relatively small, a mix of families, businessmen in suits, people on dates etc, loud, festive, certainly chaotic but friendly and serving up some of the very best food in Milan and I promise you won’t go hungry. You want to eat with the locals, this is your place. It’s not for everybody, a bit of love-hate. We love it!

Sounds like you are having a great trip!

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Thanks Barry, one of my colleagues in Milan said it’s his favorite. Looks like a great spot. Reservation request sent !

Thanks Tom ! Looks like a great area for us to check out.
We’re having a great time and will share thoughts when we get back. One more night at Hotel Du Lac [cheers.gif]

Rovello 18
also try to go to Cantine Isola for a glass of wine

My recent Langosteria visit was downright awful, in every category: ambiance, service, food, cost, and the online wine list bears no resemblance to what they have on offer. Afraid I don’t have any substitute in mind that fits your specs precisely, but I did really enjoy this small, family-run spot chosen by locals, serving what I would call modern variations on classic Milanese cuisine:


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If you want a very inexpensive locals place, Dongio for Calabrian food, especially pasta. Nothing fancy, very simple and home made pasta.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I made a rookie mistake and didn’t realize how far the Westin in Milan is to the airport. We had to return the rental car and had an early flight so moved to the Sheraton next to the airport. No need to mention the meal there :-0. Will save for future reference. A’riccone looks like a great option.

Thanks for these suggestions. Heading to Milan in a month. Super excited!

@Tom - will look to bar hop around the canal. A lot of promising looking places!

@Riccardo - the wine list at Rovello looks awesome, will stop by for sure.
How is the food and atmosphere? Pescatarian friendly?

@Jonathan - google maps shows DVCA as temporarily closed? Could be for holiday.
Was looking at that or Spazio Niko Romito as a pre theater dinner before heading to the opera. Both look beautiful.

One other question: any dinner reccos for Como?
Spending one night while in Milan.

Thank you all!

II have edited the post based on post event professional diagnosis

And maybe even buy a few bottles to take home :sweat_smile:

Don’t know if they still have the cheap Raveneau and Dauvissat but would love to go and see…

Try Rita! The cocktails are world-beatingly good

I rather liked the pasta at Rino. Very informal but cozy

(I assume you mean Como the town as opposed to the greater Lake Como region)

@Ikkal - I will def swing by (staying a few blocks away) and will report back on the Dauvissaut/Ravenau situation!

Yao - thanks, Rita looks 100% my vibes! By Como, I did mean lake como (spending one night up there).


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What town in the Lake Como region ? the town of Como itself ? Some great info on this thread and my report but most of the recco’s are mid lake well north of the town of Como.

[quote=“Faryan Amir-Ghassemi” post_id=3563183 time=1660100923 user_id=3305}

Yao - thanks, Rita looks 100% my vibes! By Como, I did mean lake como (spending one night up there).


Varenna is so easy by train from Milan (about an hour). Don’t have any restaurant recs from first hand, but Mistral has a Michelin star. Likely many more reasonably priced strong restaurants there as well given it’s accessability to Milan.

@Fred - thanks! this is exactly what I was looking for. Staying in Blevio, but likely looking to eat dinner in Varenna or Bellagio. Probably looking for something more bistro/cafeish as we’ll be out hiking and day treking, so nothing bougie.

Re ressies - booked Ratana in Milan. Had a hard time finding a place that was open for pre-theater hours; might just have to apertivo it before! Would love to try e/n (natural wine bar/restaurant) and 28 Posti. Both look like winners to my eye.

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Regardless, you should heaver over to Navigli for a cocktail before/after. One note: There’s only one or two bridges that cross the canal in that area, so plan on walking a ways down one of the sides.

Do not miss the Galleries, and be sure to spin on the bull’s balls for good luck :wink:

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Hello guys! I’ve read the discussion but haven’t understood if there’s anybody who still need assistance or if it’s already too late.

Because for example I see Rita mentioned (I know all the crew, tho I’m not the biggest fan of the place as I tend to go to the sister Tiki Bar right next to it) and it’s been closed for the better part of August.

Same story for the 28 Posti (the historical chef has left the place, altho he’s keeping an eye on it and his sous chef of long date has taken over so there’s going to be continuity) that closed from the 6th of August IIRC and I’m not sure they’ve reopened it yet.

In general August in Italy is a month were non tourist oriented places tend to close. Last year there was still a decent amount of good spots open in the city, much less this year.

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Daniele - Great color on Rita and 28 Posti.

We are visiting in mid September, so thankfully missing the wave of vacation closure.

Will report back on my thoughts on places!

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