Milan and Lugano: any restaurant or hotel recs?

I’ll be spending one night (solo) in Milan and one night in Lugano (Switzerland) and the end of May. Anybody have good ideas for restaurants? I’m more interested in the quality of the food/wine than the ambiance. Hotels? I like quirky smaller ones, but well-run.

Thanks for any info.

No takers on this one? You all been staying home lately [wink.gif] ?

Welcome to the Berserkers travel section. You need to ask where to eat or stay in Las Vegas. You’ll get 40 replies. neener

We stay at the Hotel de la Ville in Milan. Centrally located on a quiet street behind the Galleria and Duomo.

Cracco is a great restaurant. My favorite place to escape the heat and hustle of Milan is the garden/patio of Osteria del Binari.

Can’t help you with Lugano.

The best food I’ve had there is at Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia (Via Montecuccoli, 6) but it’s been a while.

A regular eating/drinking buddy has been going to Milan frequently on business and maintains an all-food blog. The link to his international eating blog is immediately below; just search “Milan” for the specific entries:

Per restaurant, he describes each dish and accompanies the same with excellent photos. Those should keep you busy and well-fed for a few days there.

Thank you, Noel! I’ll only be there one day, so I guess I’ll have to eat a lot!

Just looked a bit at his blog, wow, it’s a treasure trove. So much description. Right near the top he has a picture of my favorite rosé, Domaine Tempier Bandol–that’s a really serious wine! So I know he is on the right wavelength. He also describes Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia, the same resto that Ken mentioned. Great minds, etc.! This should be fun. Thanks again.

Glad you find it helpful, Peter. He’s one of the few people I know who is more obsessed with food than I.

As regards hotels, he always stays at the Westin Palace as he’s there most always on business; but it’s not the type of hotel you mentioned you are interested in.