Mike on Tour--Philly, November 14

Finally----the Mike has come back to Phil-a-del-phia. Or somethin’ like that. I would be very happy to meet up with the gang for a Friday night dinner. Any takers? We can figure out theme and restaurant as we go, although I will need one of the local denizenry to helm the restaurant booking. Thanks all

A bientot, j’espere.


JoAnn and I can make it.
Depends on number of people but I can handle a reservation.
We look forward to seeing you in Philly again.

Hey guys. Ann can’t make it but I am going to try to get there. Keep me posted with the details.

Will be great to meet you, Jeff, sorry Ann won’t be able to come. Thanks Ted and glad JoAnn will be able to make it too. We should probably pick a restaurant and theme in the next week or so.


I’m in! As I remember, you joined us at Bibou 3 years ago Mike.

How about Farm & Fisherman Ted? I’m not even sure that existed 3 years ago, and it’s certainly one of our best BYOBs. Or Noord, Serpico, or Vedge…?

Mike you won’t want to leave.

Laugh—yes, your memory is correct, Kevin, it was at Bibou. Thanks for weighing in and hope others will pile on. I look forward to confirming your “won’t want to leave” assessment! :slight_smile:

Did Fond kitchen table last night, and it was killer as usual.

Looks like WillBYOB at 6:30 on Friday.
I have the reservation set for table of 5.

Works for me. I love Will!

Parking on the street that early is usually OK (4 quarters/hour, 3 hour limit), but here’s the new version of EPx valet for those interested:

Just in time for Mike’s visit, Will BYOB was just raised from 2 to 3 Bells by the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Craig LaBan:

Mike, the Chef has an interesting backstory, so give this a read:

I certainly will, thanks Kevin. Glad we’ll be breaking bread again everyone.


Kevin and Mike, I’m looking forward to meeting you. Ted, thanks for setting this up. I’m looking forward to seeing you again. I have not been to Will, so that will be fun too.

Great to hear you’ll be able to make it, Jeff.

With the smaller number of people, I’m perfectly happy to go non-themed, unless the food dictates otherwise. Have no idea yet what I’ll bring, depends how shopping goes in various ports of call :slight_smile:

Ted, is there potential room for more people? 1-3 more have expressed interest.

I would of course like to see an expanded participant list [grin.gif]

I can ask Will. But at this late date maybe one more. No difference to them between a 5-top or 6-top. Where were they before?

They are not on this board. But 2 are definitely out, so I’ll let you know asap about the +1…

No problem, Kevin. When they call on Wednesday to confirm, I will tell them there may be a sixth person.

Hi Ted, sorry, false alarm. All 3 of them are flaking out. [snort.gif]