Mike on Tour (at last!) -- Boston, May 5, 2022

Hi everyone. The tour will stop for one night in Boston, after a long 7 years or so away. I am very much looking forward to a great evening. Kevin Foley has generously offered to coordinate the organization, but please bounce on if you’re interested and available to get together.



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Will be great to have you back Mike!

Enjoyed it last time, happy to share wines with Mike et al again.

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I’d like to attend.

Thanks for organizing, Kevin.

Bumping this. We’ve got 9-10, might be able to fit more, depending on the restaurant we pick.

I’d be interested… late comer if there is room.

We are probably full at 10 people. But someone may drop off, so PM me your email address and I’ll let you know if it opens up.

Looking forward to this (full at 10). Thanks Angelo for hooking us up with a good spot.

Michael needs to pick his wine! [cheers.gif]