Mike on Mini-Tour---Chicago June 21 and 22

I still have to confirm this, but it’s highly probable at this point that I’m going to make a quick weekend visit to Chicago. I would love to get together with some people on both Friday and Saturday nights (the daytimes will probably be busy with sights and visits). Just throwing the dart out there for now, thanks!


Hey Mike, Chicago here also. Assuming there is interest, we can meetup that Friday evening at Domaine Chicago - we can get a group together and/or folks will already be there. They’ll be closed that Saturday.

Alternatively, I’m happy to meetup at a restaurant. I’m sure others here would be willing to meetup.


Thanks so much for the quick response, Kevin! Let me get firmed up on the trip details in the next week or two and then we’ll get into planning overdrive mode :grinning:

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I’m also in Chicago then and store at Domaine. Would love to get together!

Thanks Sunny, would love to meet you too. I’m assuming they do food at Domaine? May still be OK if not—I can fuel up with a sandwich from Al’s Italian Beef :grin: I sure miss my Big Al sandwich!

They don’t do food at Domaine, but you can easily order food to be delivered there and/or grab food and bring it.

Hey Mike, it will be great to meet you! Vinci restaurant in Old Town does free corkage on any wine over 10 years old. We’ve done quite a few WB dinners there over the years.

Wine over 10 years old? Do people still drink that stuff? :grin:

Thanks—would be terrific to meet you as well and should definitely keep the restaurant in mind. I will start sending out some PMs this week to others I know. Looking forward to a couple great nights with 'philes in a couple months!

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I should be available on both Friday and Saturday.

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Hello, I would like to participate on either day. Prefer friday.

I’ll be there one of the nights.

The idea of Domaine on Friday is a good one I think. Just order in some food that fits the theme (if there is one).

Saturday might require a little thought. A group of people spending a long time and bringing (a lot) of their own wine, can be a bit of a challenge for a busy restaurant on a Saturday night.

very fair comment, I’ll try to continue coordinating on that front. I may have something as an alternative with one of the participants here to offer as a solution, but working on that with him. (edit–by “here”, I meant on WB)

The 22nd is a possibility, but right now, no greater than 50/50.