Mike on Mini-Tour, Atlanta Debauchery Day 3

Day 3 was a monster potluck and cookout at the home of Randy and Cris Katz. It was a super evening and they were so generous to lend their home and facilities to make this happen. There was a ton of stuff I didn’t get to (in between seeing lots of people, cooking 2 batches of my burgers and a time out to complete the auction WB fantasy football draft).

Piper Heidseick Brut

Lifted verbena and apple scents. Cool mouthfeel, very light mousse. Apple cider and some citrus here

2012 Domaine Fourrier Bourgogne Blanc

Nut-toffee notes to scent here, pear and apple crumble. Almost luscious, but reined in with the happy sweet-side apple and pear fruit. Has a nice feel too. Got better as the night went on, I was told

2010 Louis Latour Chassagne Morgeot

Some swirling gets smoke and butterscotch accents with pear. To taste, nougat slices through orange a little and mains of pear and star fruit. Very good stuff here and quite ready

2014 Domaine Tempier Bandol Rose

Spiced watermelon and pomegranate? That’s what I’m getting, with dried cranberry. Usual tactile and tasty presentation, has some robustness, but maybe a bit less forthright and energetic than some vintages. Touches of rhubarb and very drinkable right now.

2002 Nicholas Feuillate Palmes D’Or

Eyes lit up when I saw the bottle, have never had this. And the wait has been too long. Wonderful sniffs of gingerbread, apple pie and butter and nut toast. Everything you’d want in a top 02—fine mousse, lovely baked goods, great presence all the way through the mouth, multifaceted. This is a real privilege to try and probably my WOTN

2013 Aubert Lauren Chard

Fred is always so good to me—he knows I love Aubert and always brings for me. This has aroma of musky scents but yummy apple and citrus and some tropical-laced mineral. Lots of body and roundness, ripe fruit—good judgment of oak.

2013 Caymus Special Select

Chickoree and strong woodsy bouquet with blackberry. Still very young, lots of zip and biggish ripeness. We’ll see with some more time.

1990 Chateau Pape Clement

Mike Evans generously brought this off of our discussion a couple nights ago. Graves tobacco and stones and currant, but with sweet herb and spice overtones. In the mouth, structured, mostly classic, but riper as with some 90s. Gary notes they’ve decreased the Cab Sauv content here over the years. It was very good and closer, but again maybe not truly archetypal graves.

2009 Georges Roumier Chambolle Musigny

Strawberry jam and silk nose. Blind, thought of an aged Grenache at first actually—it does fit with a sweeter very red fruit profile. Tremendous surprise to find this so approachable.

2005 Ballot-Millot Pommard Charmots

Plums and black cherry are plentiful. And this is good—depth and replays. Just starting to open up. Missing a true wow factor, but a nice burg.

2008 Pahlmeyer Chardonnay

Smoky overlay of banana, coffee crisp. Delicious, if not deep. Banana, papaya but also pear and citrus. In its style, I do like this plenty

2012 Domaine Serene Chardonnay

Lemoncurd, some custard and mustard and cream. Decent, replays and back-end herbed carry. Would do well with chicken or fish

2002 Royal Demaria Riesling Icewine

Thanks to Jay for bringing, this has true maple surgar/maple fudge aroma. To taste, where I’d expect it to be, into a nutty and slightly oxidized side. Still very drinkable.

1998 Dr. Fischer Riesling Eiswein

Very dark yellow. Kumquat and nougat and apricot nose. Ho-lee. Thicker than blood and like they fresh-squeezed the apricot. So intensely focused. A very rare experience. #4

2006 Dominique Laurent Mazis-Chambertin

Lovely chamb bouquet—herbs and cranberry and earth and cocoa. Real truffle and sous-bois. Already has depth and gets more expressive with each breath. Just beautiful core of cocoa, coffee, berry and cherry. #2

1996 Chapoutier La Sizeranne Hermitage

From mag. Cork fell in and I got to this very late. Some mustiness now, but earth, dark plum and some very light cinnamon aromatics. A bit tired now, but has length and still some tannic drive. Sorry I didn’t try earlier.

Quinta Da Devesa 30 year Tawny Port

Raisin bran and chocolate-covered raisins. Full—goes back up your nose and comes back down but has a seductive flow with just-aspect of molasses to liquid raisin. Keeps conversing.

2008 Produttori di Barbaresco Ovello

Rustic, some barnyard, plum and cassis. Same in mouth—replays all the way and goo dacidity and attack. Give more time for sure, and not spectacular, but solid

2010 Joseph Drouhin Beaune Clos des Mouches

Florals and unripe pear and apple show here. Without identifying individual stuff, this is a very balanced and harmonious whole of a wine, one that invites you to keep sipping. A quite cool-side feel, it’s excellent. #3

1998 Domaine de Pegau CdP

Got the last pour. Earthy to the max, cedar chips and currant. Some smoke and more currant follow on the tongue, leaves….not much else at this very late point, sorry I missed it earlier.

2000 Usseglio Cuvee de mon Aieul

More lively bouquet, berries and sandalwood. Replays and quite level and smooth, some grapeyness gets added.

1996 Manzone Podere Il Bosco Syrah de Manzone

Out of mag, some sweetmeats, lots of plum and black cherry. Olive side on the palate, sweetmeats, plums and some salt. Perhaps a nip of sundried tomatoes.

Haere Ra


Mike great to be with you guys. The wines were a free for all last night. Many delicious tastes.

I really liked the hamburger.
The best food was a tie.
Those ribs of Mike. I got just a taste. Delicious.
The first margherita pizza that Randy made was so delicious.

Lots of great folks. My call night caught up with me.

Safe travels!

Thanks so much, Don, for making time on Friday and Sunday to be with us, and for being the initial reason that I decided to come down and meet everyone in Atlanta all those years ago. I’ve derived nothing but pleasure and wonderful company and food and wines ever since. I agree, Randy’s pizzas were incredible and lots of other terrific food—tri tip, yum yum, the okra, the desserts (swoon). Didn’t get to try a rib, sadly. Burgers did turn out well, glad of that.

A bientot, truly


Mike, you people are insane. My liver could never keep up with that crowd!

While I made a valiant effort, I simply could not manage to sample everything available. Nor was I able to chat with everyone in attendance though I tried as best I could.

Glad you enjoyed the 2002 Nicholas Feuillate Palmes D’Or and 2010 Joseph Drouhin Beaune Clos des Mouches. Next time you are down we will find you some legit moonshine so you can bookend your Southern Drinking Experience! [pwn.gif]

And my thanks for joining us, Malcom and for contributing those—can hardly wait for the moonshine wonderment in 2017.

Keep well, all best.


When you insulted the wines, did you do it out loud, or did you write the insults down, like in a guest book.

Nice notes; thanks for posting

Neal, Neal…you know me—have you known me to be a quiet mouse? :slight_smile:

It was a great last night to a fab few days.