Michigan. BYO now allowed

Michigan just passed a law legalizing BYO wine. Better late than never.

Congratulations! I grew up in Michigan.

Now only if they’d do the same in AZ…

It’s been two months since Michigan’s HB 5046 (allowing BYOB) went into effect and in Traverse City, where I live, many of the restaurants are fighting it fairly hard. Some are simply saying NO while others are OK but charging as much as $30 and one at $45. I hesitate to give names here because I think it might sort itself out as customers vote with their $$$. I probably won’t use it too often as most of my favorites do have a pretty good list. Having said that… I do plan to support those who welcome BYO.
Cheers, Gary

Gary, the bigger opportunity may be those without beer/wine licenses who realize they can grow their customer base this way.

No, the bill makes it clear that it only applies to restaurants WITH a liquor license. There is one restaurant taking advantage of the new law by advertising they welcome BYOB at $15.00 and it has a good reputation. We will be going there soon!

Gary, I spend time in the TC area [Crystal Lake] every summer and would appreciate knowing the corkage policies for the better restaurants in the area. It would be helpful to have a list with the corresponding info. That way, no place is dissed, but just included in the mix. Are you up to doing this? If not, can you send me a PM with the ones you know about?

And Indiana…


And Colorado…

Congratulations to Michigan! May you drink well for many years to come.

I spend time in the area as well. I’ve never been denied when I arrive with my byo but have been charged as much as $30. While I’ve been OK with a high charge because I’ve expected as much and brought appropriately expen$ive wines, it would be great to have better knowledge of a greater number of restaurant’s policies. Frankly, before COVID, we would have eaten many more meals out with the ability to easily choose reasonable corkage restaurants. I’m looking forward to the days when we feel more comfortable eating out again and would be happy to help with this list but not sure how it would work on the form.

I leave for Cristal Lake next Tuesday, 8/24 for 10 days and had planned to stop by my fav wine shopping Traverse City, Bon Vin, to connect with part owner, Ric Cerrini, but just learned the shop was solid in June. Point being, Ric would have a handle on corkage throughout the area. If I can tack him down, I will get his input and report back here. If it is anything like the local scene in Santa Barbara, everything is still up in the air and there’s lots to b e decided about shutting down, re-opening or whatever.

I’m in Empire for 2 weeks. Prolly grilling and opening a few bottles of wine with a small group of guys next Wednesday (my wife will be back in Indy). If you are interested (and vaccinated), you’d be welcome to join us. FYI, I looked up your store and found that it has changed ownership:
Anyway, I’m definitely interested developing a list of some corkage-friendly area restaurants, even if it won’t be happening quickly given everything.

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As I stated, I also found out the wine shop was SOLD {not solid} and may not be able to locate Ric.

As for the invite, thank you. I’m visiting family and we have dinner plans on Wednesday, so I’ll have to pass. Enjoy your stay.

I was looking to see if your contact was till associated with the business but see I misread your post and that you already knew he was not. Have a good trip. Whenever things start to open up, I’ll be looking more at this project.

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That’s good as nothing makes Ohio pass something faster than if Michigan has it. Here is hoping…

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It passed in MI years ago but it is slow to catch on with restaurant goers (in my limited experience) so most restaurants don’t acknowledge it and have high corkage for those who choose to allow byo.