Miami Restaurant for 75th B-Day Celebration

Hi all,

I am looking for a special restaurant for my father’s 75th birthday dinner. While I’ve been to many very good to excellent restaurants in Miami, I usually do not look for a special occasion type restaurant and so I am not sure what fits the bill currently for what I am looking for - so, what is the latest and greatest in food circles in Miami? Agnostic on type of cuisine so really looking for a special and memorable meal (great atmosphere helps but is not critical but it should be a high end looking place) with among the top food in Miami but also a place where I can BYO (so one of my father’s favorites, IL Gabbiano, is out). Given it is a special occasion we are not particularly price sensitive (though it has to be worth it). As a frame of reference, for my father’s 70th birthday we went to L2O in Chicago, which I think had either *** or ** Michelin then and was among the top of food in Chicago at that time. If I were in NYC, I would be looking at ones like Eleven Madison Park or if I were in Chicago, then something like Grace. What is the equivalent in Miami right now?

Thanks for suggestions!

Not sure of the date but Alinea is doing a residency in Miami Feb 17 through March 13.

Might have been a good way to go if they would allow BYO but no tickets available.