Miami and Naples/Marco Island?

Heading there this fall and wondering about any BYO recs? Thanks!


PM Todd Hamina re: Naples. I’m out of touch with the area where BYO is concerned, but be sure to go to the Snook Inn on Marco, have some conch fritters and watch the manatees swim by.

Re: Miami, just call ahead to let them know.

Went to Bistro 821 on Fifth Ave in Naples last week and paid $20 corkage. Love the restaurant but the wine list doesn’t cut it. Plus, they serve their reds at what seems to be 75 degrees. Highly recommend dining there but BYO.

Almost any nice restaurant in Naples proper is BYO. I would just call ahead and ask their policy.

Just a bump for Naples info. From what u can gather pretty much every restaurant (fine dining to shrimp shack) will let you BYO. Corkage can be up to $30 even at some of the more casual places. In the last 3 months I have taken wine to the following: La Moraga, Kelly’s, Campiello, The Continental, Osteria Tulia, La Bazenne, Bleu Provence, The Boathouse, The Docks, Sea Salt, Villa Escalante and The Real Macaw.