MF Sushi Buckhead - Atlanta, GA - 8/1/09

A great birthday dinner. MF is the best sushi in ATL and they did not disappoint last evening. A special thanks to John Liotta and Don Cornutt for the great wines, and Angie for putting up with us for hours on end.

The food at MF is extremely fresh and unrivaled in quality.

Edamame with freshly grated salt.

Tuna with caviar, quail egg, and avocado


Kobe with tomato and freshly grated wasabi

Duck on the grill

Black Cod

Sweet Peppers

Marinated Mushrooms for grilling

Marinated Mushrooms for grilling

Kobe for grilling

Kobe on the Grill

Duck on a Roll

Eel with Caviar

Mushrooms on the grill


Tuna and Suzuki

Spicy Tuna

Kobe on a roll

Kobe with asparagus in a roll

Seared Kobe with Uni and avocado

Suzuki Nigiri

Kobe Nigiri

Creme Brulee

The Wines

2000 Dom Perignon

Selosse Initial

Selosse Initial

1989 DRC Grands Echezeaux

1988 Gaja Barbaresco Sori San Lorenzo

1990 Lafite-Rothschild

1957 Huet Vouvray Le Haut Lieu Demi-Sec (375ml)

2000 Chapoutier Ermitage L’Ermite

I do like steel…there is one here in ATL, but I haven been yet.

This was an incredible meal.
Thanks for letting me crash it.
Happy Birthday Michael.

Wow! I can’t believe you were able to find a Vouvray the same as your birth year! Most excellent.

Amazing pics…have eaten there once but not like that! Well done.

Hey now…That vouvray was even older than Cornutt… neener