Merry Edwards current availability

I just received my first mailer from this vineyard ( I suspect it’s not the first release, just ones they still have in stock as there is no coopersmith)

It’s all 2009


Olivet lane


I have searched ct but most of these wines have very limited tn’s

I would like to get 6 bottles to put back…anyone have any personal experience with the above?

I wasn’t a fan of their pinots when I was at the tasting room in October. As a matter of fact, I was disappointed. I did purchase 3 Sauv Blancs.

On this trip, I tasted:

Sojourn pinots
Freeman pinots
Holdredge pinots

All were superior to ME, and in most cases, a bit cheaper.

I’m a big ME fan. Her SB is always good.
As far as Pinot goes, her RRV blend is a pretty decent buy at usually around $30 off the release form. I like the Meredith Estate PN and the Klopp Ranch PN most out of her single vineyard stuff, but haven’t tasted the 09s of those two vineyards so can’t speak to that.

My form says the RRV is 42. I wish it was in the low thirtys then it would be almost a no brainier to try.

With her single vineyards in the mid 50s to 60 I was hoping for some direct experience before laying out that investment on a wine I have never tried.

Wow, has gone up quite a bit since I was on the list! That’s crazy.

I’ve enjoyed the last three vintages of the Sauvignon Blanc (as much as one can enjoy Sauvignon Blanc). My experience is the Pinots are good but theres better out there for the price.

We tasted at the winery about two months ago and had similar reactions to the other posters. Loved her SB and bought some but did not take any of the Pinots at this time - good but a little pricey. There also was a lot of similarity across the Pinot lineup. That being said, she is one of the Cali Pinot pioneers and I have a lot of respect for her accomplishments.

ITB Calicaro Wine

Any impressions her 2011 sav blanc? Probably too early but perhaps some thoughts on the quality of the vintage. Love love her SBs.

I’m a big fan of her Klopp, Merideth, and Coopersmith wines (esp. Klopp). They age well and I wouldn’t hesitate to hold them for 10+ years. However, the price points are up there and there is a lot of stiff competition at that price and below. Shipping isn’t cheap either.

Robert - her SB is a safe bet year in and year out. She’s really dialed in, so if you like SB and have liked her’s in the past, it’s a safe purchase with minor variations from year to year (excluding any universally disastrous years).

She started as a Chard maker and is really getting back into that now. Look for it in the future.


Is there any current information on when that’ll be? From mailing lists pasts, I had the impression it was going to be this year, but it’s entirely possible, and probable even, that it was just wishful thinking.