Merkelbach, German estates & succession


Reading some passages in your book last night I got to wondering how the Merkelbach brothers are doing. I hope they are well, as they make wines of a different era, and it will be shame to eventually see that style largely pass away. Do you think they will eventually sell to someone like Robert Emayel, or will their plots just go wild?

Are there other estates that are twisting a bit in the succession winds? It’s great to see the next generation at Schaefer, Jakoby-Mathy, etc.

There is a plan for that somber time when Merkelbachs can’t do it any more - but I’m not at liberty to divulge it.

At the moment there are no clear & present dangers with any of the German estates I represent.

Fair enough. Right now I’m just glad they are still making the wines.

On the issue of succession - do you know if Mathern is still making wine?

His wife took the estate over, and with the help of a cellarmaster is carrying it on, yes.