Mending Wall?

Got the fall release email; apparently next Tuesday. Anybody tasted/know more about this: 2015 Tournahu Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Looks like it will be going for $125 a (750) bottle.

I really, really dig the Petite Sirah, as I don’t buy the Cabs. If I can get past the shipping on a few bottles I will do it. The PS is crazy stuff, so good.

Yep, I’ll be a buyer of the PS (assuming prices have not increased much) but will probably pass on the Cab.

Although the Tournahu single vineyard cab does sound really interesting. Would love to hear if anyone has tried it.

Curious as to why most of you are passing on the cabs? Usually, if there is a TRB made cab under $100 (the Napa bottling), a majority of the people here who drink Cali cab get very excited. What makes this project different? The vineyard sources? Is the style different than other projects? QPR not as good?

I agree that the PS is very good, just trying to understand why there isn’t excitement for the cabs as well.

Has anyone had the opportunity to taste the Tournahu? Curious if its worth the premium.

I like the Cab, but I like Maybach a LOT more. It costs a lot more too, of course. But I’d rather funnel my TRB cab budget over there for my tastes. I haven’t found the Mending Wall cabs to be a “higher QPR Maybach.”

Rich, according to the Mending Wall blast today, the price for the PS remains @ $55 (at least this is what was displaying. And of note, there did appear to be 2014 left to buy too–it didn’t say SOLD OUT like another cuvee).

As to why I don’t buy the Cab, I don’t buy any of these kinds of wines. From my own drinking POV, if I am going to sock $125 into a bottle of wine, I will spend some portion of that on grower champagne instead. For $75, I can drink some thrilling stuff, at 3% less ABV, too. Not talking down to those who dig Napa Cabs…just trying to offer another dude’s perspective. [cheers.gif]

I’ve actually never tried the cabs, but since I already have quite a bit of cab in my cellars, I’m pretty selective with my purchases. I’m sure they’re good…but I’ll probably stick to only the PS, as those are crazy good and pretty unique in my opinion.

Oh nice, thanks Frank! I missed that in the email today.

And another shout out to Frank as his note a few years back turned me onto Mending Wall

I guess I’m the odd one out here. My wife and I visited Mending Wall in May, and I actually liked the Cab better than the PS, but both were excellent.

BTW, if you open the MW PS and you spill ANY of it on ANYTHING, good damn luck getting that color out. Liquified black pen ink is what it pours like and it ain’t any less opaque when it spills onto something. Gorgeous stuff.

Yeah, it’s pricey for a PS but it’s a really fun wine.


I’m visiting this weekend and will report on the Tournahu if it’s available. I agree that their palisades PS is the blackest wine I’ve tried… except maybe Lafage (Malbec from Cahors). Significantly darker than Carlisle’s version.

My questions exactly. If I buy the cab will it be just like buying Rivers-Marie Napa? Cheers!

It is indeed! I’ll be in for a few for sure. Palisades is the greatest non-historic (although it’s near-historic) Petite vineyard on the planet, and TRB does a masterful job with the fruit.

Since the offer is now live, I thought I would ask again about more details/tasting notes on the cabs. Has anyone had the chance to try these? Definitely in on some petite, but still on the fence about the other wines.

Also, any thoughts on the Stone on Stone?

I got the offer today, and like last year, I am turned off by the shipping costs. 2 bottles with GSO, $21. And I am a 90 min plane ride south of the winery. I found a way around this last year, as while I passed on my the allocation b/c of the shipping, I was able to score some during our visit to see Will Segui at the winery when we visited him there.

I simply do not like paying $21 to move 2 bottles south. Flame me if you like but why can’t Mending Wall compete with shipping like the other wineries who seem to be able to do it for half this cost? [scratch.gif]

I meant to post something similar earlier today. 3 bottles to Texas (via ground) is $41 and change. That’s steep. Held off on ordering for now.

You call it steep, I call it [bullshit.gif]

Same issue here.

I bought 8 bottles (assorted) and paid $48 shipping to South Carolina. Hardly a deal, but a bit more reasonable on a per bottle basis than those that were looking at 2 bottles. I like the wines a lot and the $85 cab is (sadly) a bargain in the context of Napa. God bless Rivers-Marie for their cheap (Pinot & Chard) and free (Cab) shipping policy. It certainly makes it easier for me to pull the trigger. Others should take note.