Memphis TN, Greenville & Natchez MS

Hi, We will be spending two nights each in Memphis TN, Greenville and Natchez MS any recommendations on restaurants or places to visit would be appreciated. Thank you. Steve.

Acre in Memphis was great. Wally Joe was at the helm the night we went. We had an off the menu tasting with wine pairing. We also did Iris, Felecia Suzanne’s, and Chef Phillipe. I would skip those. Try Fino’s, BBQ Shoppe, Cozy Corner, or Central BBQ for lunch.

Have had a couple of good meals at Hog & Hominy in Memphis.

In Memphis I really enjoyed Iris… Although by no means high end it is worth it to go to the top of the Bass Pro Shop in the Pyramid and have a drink. Food up there is mediocre at best but it is worth a visit to see the bar and the view.



Not sure if Oxford MS is possible- but its really a cool town. Has some good dining options also.