Memento Mori

Had a very cool experience doing a virtual tasting with Emily at Memento Mori. She sent us a bottle of the 2017 flagship and 2017 Vine Hill Ranch. Both bottles were amazing. The flagship very accessible right now and the Vine Hill while a beautiful wine will be even better in a few years. After we were able to pick up a 3 pack of the Vine Hill Ranch and 3 pack of the Las Piedras.

They are delicious wines. I’ve been a buyer of theirs for several years now, and the wines keep getting better and better. Sam is doing big things with those vineyards. Love the people, concept, and vino of course.

Awesome! How did you set it up? Did you only have to buy those two initially to do it?

I’m also curious about logistics behind that.

There was an email from Memento Mori that got sent out and I responded to Emily. Not sure how they will do it going forward but we didn’t pay anything upfront for the 2 bottles and they waived the fee (think it was $250). With the purchase we made. We did it over Zoom.

Very intriguing. May have to try it out. Would love access to some las Piedras