Meet you all the way Baudana, yeah

Love the Vajra and Baudana wines. This '17 was splendid.

2017 Luigi Baudana Barolo Cerretta: The nose is expressive, bursting with ripe cherries, strawberries and spiced plum. It is deep of fruit on the palate, with a base of powdery tannins. It is a big, rich and powerful wine, but everything is in check. It has superb length.

Interesting. I just opened the 2009 of this tonight and was a little disappointed. Brawny and boozy, so different from the 2008.

Taking everything in Toto, I don’t think 2009 is a vintage to expect much from.

Did anybody taste 13 and 15 Baudana?

The 10 Normale is very good.

15 Baudana is the best in the lineup.

Nice note Jeremy. Something got in the way of my last couple annual visits, and I’ve not gotten to try their 17s, so thank you.

Olaf, these aren’t recent notes, but on release:

Ripe and red fruited, with rose and balsamic notes. Ripe and a little broader, than the previous Baroli. Sappy and expansive, but it lacks a little lift and freshness to make it complete for me. TM liked it more than I. (93 pts.)

Darker nebbiolo fruit, balsam, tar, dark cherry on the nose. This has better lift than the Baudana cru this year. Structured and vertical. The fruit and balsam of the nose is complemented with savory, ferrous, herbal, and cured meat notes. Great balance of power and freshness. Terrific structured, complicated, and harmonious wine. This needs cellar time. (96 pts.)

Redder fruited than the Baudana. Roses and balsam, and a little sweet tart. Sap and beautiful texture. Expansive palate with spice and menthol. Structured and fantastic balance. (95 pts.)

Great perfume. Roses and spice, underpinnings of meatier and savory tones as well. Sappy and rich, but not heavy. Rose and tar, menthol on th back end. Ripe in a good way. Spice. The best versions of this si have had. (94 pts.)

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I might be an outlier, but at the same price I’m buying Vajra over Baudana. I like the red-fruited elegant style more than the darker burlier Barolos, though Baudana does it well.

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I always struggle with what quantities to buy each year among Vajra and Baudana because of this.

I see what you did there…

Thanks for the TN’s Todd and Jermey. [cheers.gif]

Thanks a lot for TN. Did not open my 13 and 15 normale yet. Glad to own a few. I will try 13 soon.

Needs a bit of help with the arranging, Jerry. Know anyone who could help?

I might know someone but it would take another lunch at La Cagouille to convince me to do it.

You’re on. As soon as our government lets us out of the country again I’m there!

I can’t hum a tune but I’ll go!

Lock it in. Jerry, Alan ‘Perfect Pitch’ Weinberg will be joining us!