Maybe my favorite tasting note ever??

2005 Bodegas y Viñedos Maurodos Toro Viña San Román

Tasted by John O’ on 10/1/2011 & rated 95 points: Spits on you and kicks you in the jewels. While you’re on the floor helpless, it grabs your wife and takes her into the bedroom. Powerful stuff. (2285 views)

Made me chuckle.


Love It! I just had to add him as a “favorite author”.

But the problem here equating the 95 pts to that brutal scenario. I mean, if this is 95, what is 98 or 100 for God’s sake? I guess after it’s done with your wife, it bends you over too?

+1. Hilarious!

according to the wife, the finish was rather short

Heh…I have six bottles of this stuff the finish better not be short [snort.gif]