Maybach live

2012 Eterium Chardonnay $85
2013 Irmgard Pinot Noir $65

Any opinions on the Chard? I am tempted but never tried their Chard and $85 isn’t an easy price to guess on without seeing some reviews (or a strong history of prior reviews).

Almost identical to the RM chard. The couple vintages of Maybach I had were a bit softer though. I think the only difference between the two is that the Maybach is an intentional selection of softer RM. I could be mistaken, it may see different elevage, but yeah, pretty similar to the RM.

This is probably a longshot, but has anyone had a chance to taste the Pinot, or hear of anyone that has? I’m intrigued by it, and the price isn’t too crazy, but I’ll probably have to pass anyway.

Haven’t had it but I LOVE TRB’s Pinot’s in general so it should be worth a shot if you like RM pinots or Aston.

I had a shiner a couple of years ago. It was very good. Cannot remember what vintage though.