Maybach - 2/29

Man, I have NO money for this right now…hope allocations are available well into March.

I’m curious as to what the Amoenus Cab is exactly. Is it the second wine, or is it its own cab?

And honestly, how do you even pronounce these wines correctly?

I recall some talk about the Amoenus last year…might try a search. I pronounce it Cab-Er-Nay. neener

The WA review suggests a completely new wine from Blossom Creek Vineyard - based on that I am assuming a new source and so a separate and not second wine.

Touche, douche! Pronounced doo-Sh.


Not a second label, but rather a second single vineyard (pretty sure it is SV) that is of the same quality as Materium. Word around the campfire is not to miss this wine. I personally have not had it yet, but I have great faith in the source of my information.

what’s the release price per?


I had the 2010s in barrel. The amoneus was good the materium mind blowing

I just signed up last year for the waiting list. Anyone have an idea on what I should expect for waiting time? newhere

I’m a huge Chris fan and have his wines from 04 to current. Did his 09 really score better with RP than his 07? I thought the 07 was a 99 point wine?

You probably know that this release is for the '09s, but good to hear about the 2010 Maybach.

I signed up 2/5/2010 and have heard exactly 0 from them since…

I think he was talking about the '09 barrel score being higher than prior barrel scores, but I’m not sure what the barel score on the '09 is…dropped my subscription.

Scratch that… my first order placed was in September of 2008 for a 3-pack of the 2005. I signed up off cycle and there must not have been a wait at that point. So I have no clue how long of a wait you have.

Did people receive notice via email? I made the list for the first time last Spring and bought, but haven’t heard anything thus far this year.

E-Mail a couple hours ago for me. Don’t worry, they usually come in waves.

Doesn’t say. Hoping they hold at $125.

Thanks Bill

Was it Parker or Galloni that reviewed the 2009?

The Amoneous is definately SVD, and both Parker and Galloni reviewed. Parker from Barrel Galloni from bottle. I also tried the 2010 in May and agree completely with Humberto. I also tried the '10 Eterium which is being released. In my opinion one of the best Chards I have had from California. Clearly the best of the Maybachs so far.