Maximin Grunhauser Abtsberg Kabinett 2007

A couple of weeks ago, Brian made a comment about wanting to try a 20 year old Abtsberg Kabinett. Well, it wasn’t 20 years old but it was 13 years old and when I was looking for something to open last night I kept thinking of Brian’s comment. Well, this Kabinett certainly was outstanding. Was it an old fashioned Kabinett. Not sure. Probably more of an old fashioned Spatlese but it had good richness, good acidity, beautiful flavors and finish and fabulous balance. Just went down real easy - in this case, like an old fashioned Kabinett. Whatever you call it, is was a great drink.

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2007 is generally drinking quite well as a vintage in the M, S & R regions. Not “ready” in terms of reaching maturity, but very enjoyable to drink.

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What are your thoughts on 2019?

Have had both the Abtsberg and Herrenberg myself. Abtsberg is a little reserved, but Herrenberg is showing quite well. Both delicious.

Have bought 2019 Kabinetts and Spatlesen but do not have them all yet and have not yet opened the Abtsberg Spatlesen I have.