Match Vineyards - "Industry Discount" OFFER EXTENDED

Offer extended until end of day Sunday

(Perennial BerserkerDay Favorite) Match Vineyards

Since Randy is traveling, I wanted to list him early so he can cover his bases with sporadic questions throughout the day.

Match Vineyards would like to celebrate Berserker Day by treating you all like you work for a winery. No, we’re not going to give you barrels
to wash. Just enter the coupon code “berserkers2012” (without quotes) when checking out and you will receive the 30% “Interwinery” discount off all 750ml bottles on our web store. You may order other bottle formats as well, but there is no discount for those UNLESS you are eligible for our Repeat Customer Discount. Please note that our recently rebuilt web store will not yet automatically grant you your repeat customer discount, but we will apply it to the other (non 750ml) bottle formats when processing your order.

Shipping will take place when the weather warms in the Spring. This offer is available at and expires 12:01AM Pacific 1/28/2012. Unfortunately, there will be no technical, email, or phone support available during Berserker Day as I am out of the country so best advice is if you have a question, go ahead and place your order so that you make the deadline and we’ll resolve any issues after I return and before I process orders Feb 1st.

Thanks Randy (and Todd and Jeb)!!!

Has anyone gone through the order process yet to see what shipping is (roughly) thanks.

Been meaning to try Randy’s wines but never pulled the trigger. Good excuse since offer is generous enough to cover shipping and still be discounted.

I don’t know if it’s still in effect, but shipping used to be free for a purchase of $400 or more.

Mine was $26.58 to the east coast. Purchase over $400 did include free shipping.

Shipping: UPS Ground $14.57 for 4 bottles to SoCal. There is also another “alternative” shipping option that looked like it might have not charged until final shipping was determined (i.e. pick-up at winery, local consolidation, etc). I didn’t explore that one though…

Picked up a couple of bottles. Looking forward to finally trying this wine. Thanks!!

Same here.

me too - any advise on how to build a good intro, like a few that are drinking well now? Checking CT now but figured posting might be quicker [help.gif]

Had an '03 a few months back that was absolutely fantastic. Drinking perfectly on PnP.

What’s better to try bacon or butter? Also what vintages are best?
Never had this but would like to try… Thanks!!

Can anyone talk about the differences between the 2 vineyard designate wines?

Butterdragon Hill is right off of HWY 29 near the Bale Grist Mill.
BaconBrook is up on Spring Mountain.

Differences in style/taste? For those of us who can’t look at geography and get all the nuances :wink:

Baconbrook tends to be more tannic since it’s mountain fruit. Butterdragon Hill is more lush.
I’m a big fan of both.

Thoughts vintages to try? Thanks again for all the insight

Oh. I screwed up. Since the link took us to the 08 Bacon. I thought that was the only offer. Might go back in and order more and see if Randy can combine orders to get free shipping.

I have really enjoyed the 2005 Butterdragon…it has a hint of the green note that I really enjoy in Cabernet Sauvignon.

The 07 ButterDragon Hill is drinking nicely as well.