Match up of two 2014 Pomerols: VCC and La Conseillante and a Burgundy beauty.

Served single blind. I had no problem identifying the wines. For me there is always a mulberry note in VCC, and it was here in spades. More depth, greater concentration. I really liked this wine, which is a good thing, as it is the single largest holding my cellar.

But there was nothing wrong with the Conseillante. Showed a little of vintage’s greenness in this case a slight undertone of mint. Plenty of fresh fruit, spices still primary nice finish.

The Conseillante improved over time, the VCC was superb right out of the gate and got more interesting.

The best wine of the night was not the VCC, but was a major surprise. I had just bought some Faiveley Bonnes Mares 1987 but it was tiring if still pleasant, and paired it with a Faiveley Cazatiers, a premier cru from the almost universally panned vintage, 1981. This was spectacular; one of those wines which make addicts out of Burgundy lovers. Cannot explain it, just feel lucky to have tasted it.


BTW, I can’t remember who said it, but there was a Dunn 2014 at the tasting, perfectly described as a “Cabernet Auslese”

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Love these notes. I have a 6-pack of each. Have only tried the VCC, and it was fabulous. I’ll start hitting these in about 5 years.

Such a wonderful vintage.

A few of us split 1981 La Tache in that place in Tampa in 2018, and it was insanely good in extremely fine vinous company.

Fun tasting. I’ve not had the Conseillante, but we were highly impressed by the 2014 VCC which we had popped and poured while visiting the chateau last Fall. A great young wine.

I went out and bought a case at auction shortly thereafter.

Second night enjoying this…

My impressions mirror yours, definitely some green tinges and mint, plus good red fruit acid. The dark fruits are more on the bramble side. Surprised by @Craig_G commenting on a porty note to this wine. I’m not seeing it. Perhaps Ovid Hexameter killed my palate! The strikes me as a lovely, balanced Pomerol, exactly what I expect from 2014. It is not by any stretch a blockbuster. And I’m OK with that. (92+ pts.)

Rolland alert!

Indeed! I have not bought any since, but I do not find this 2014 to be Rolland-tainted!

Awesome- thanks for sharing! Love the ‘14 VCC bit less enthusiastic about the ‘14 LC. Very cool on the Burgs- awesome lineup and sounds incredibly diverse and fun.

I drink the VCC once every few weeks, as I went a little crazy and bought a massive parcel. They have been incredibly consistent, with the exception of one bottle out of thirteen which was closed.

It is still young, and over the last two years I have not seen much change, it still shows the red crunchy fruit, and mulberry shards. Already with some complexity mostly tobacco and violets. The finish is long without stretching into overtime.

It is quite versatile, paired with the obvious meats and hard cheeses, and also some Dominican and Cantonese dishes,although more successful with the former than the latter.


Thanks Mark, valuable details- much appreciated. Good call on the large parcel… I tend to get nervous on those purchases when it’s a less reliable or personal experience producer but never worry with VCC.

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Really? That’s cool. What dishes in particular? Sancocho?

Sancocho was ok
Pernil of course worked well.
Chicken stew was an epic fight between vinegar and wine, and vinegar won fairly easily.

My comment was that my wife said that. Maybe you need to ask your wife :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

She said the Cab Franc cut in the VCC made it green and weedy like her NZ Sav Blancs!