Masters of Syrah?

Who are your current masters of Syrah?

  • Alban
  • Allemand
  • Benetiere
  • Cayuse
  • Chapoutier
  • Chave
  • Clape
  • Edmunds St. John
  • Gilles
  • Gonon
  • Guigal
  • Henschke
  • Jaboulet
  • Jamet
  • Levet
  • Penfolds
  • Saxum
  • Sine Qua Non
  • Texier
  • Other

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Curious who ranks among your current masters of syrah.

Retired/deceased winemakers weren’t included.

No Faury?

On your list, mine are Allemand, Benetiere, Chave, Clape, Gonon, Jamet, Levet.

Some other masters of their climes:

Rhys in Santa Cruz Mountains
Alain Graillot in Crozes-Hermitage
Faury in St. Joseph
Franck Balthazar in Cornas


I would put Jaffurs top bottling, Upslope, against anybody. At $60. It’s a steal.

Clos Saron

+1 except I would add all Jaffurs Syrahs.

Some with more and some with less experience but over the past year I’ve liked wines made by all of them on multiple occasions:

Paul Gordon, John Duval, René Rostaing, Ehren Jordan, Bob Lindquist, Bryan Kvamme, Pax Mahle, Peter Fraser. I’m sure there are a lot more - I like Syrah.

I have more Levet and Gonon than all others noted, combined, but on your list, Jamet and Allemand are best of class to me. Clape’s Vin des Amis may be the best QPR, entry level Syrah.

I voted without noticing Jamet.
So I voted again.

It’s a good list but I’d also add Faury.

Myriad and Quivet!!

I’ll add my favourite qpr syrah, that to me boxes only a slight notch below the best in US, but does it at affordable pricing: Mike Officer at Carlisle! His svd syrahs never seem to dissappoint me!

This. Their Las Madres bottling is world class.

The Northern Rhone masters Allemand, Clape, Jamet, Levet and Guigal.

Matt, I appreciate the list and I will vote but Copain syrah needs to be on here (my Other!). I may be in the minority with my comment, and there are many great syrah producers in CA (IMO), one of which is Copain Brosseau syrah. I buy it every year, have since 2007. It’s a great example of where color, stems, site and winemaker touch come together to make something that is brilliant.


Then Jamet.

Then Allemand.

Brosseau. And Baker Ranch. Often Hawks Butte.

Well…a list w/o BobLindquist and AdamTolmach is pretty superficial.
Not to mention EhrenJordan and Steve&Carole.
But…then…what would I know??

You had to be there at the beginning to understand… [snort.gif]

Colgin… also, while impossible to find stateside, I’m surprised not more people on this board aren’t crazy for Jean-Rene Germanier ‘Cayas’ Syrah.

On reviewing results currently heavily favoring old world. Did notice that Reynvaan is missing, personal preference though as a relative newcomer can understand them being overlooked for now.

It’s probably already in the "others’ category.