Master Stock

Any have any experience with "Master Stock”?

Do you have your own? How old is it?

Have any recipes for your Master Stock?

Have any recipes you use the Master Stock for?

I hear rumours of some Chinese Master Stock that are hundreds of years old! Anyone know if this is true? Ever tasted anything cooked from a Master Stock this old? Was it really more complex?

And here all I thought you did was Master Bate. neener

I admit I’ve not heard of Master Stock. If it’s what it sounds like, I would be scared to use it. Stock can spoil, and I would expect it to if left for that long. Sounds gross.

Nor have I.

Wiki to the rescue: Master stock - Wikipedia

Thanks for that, Bob. Admittedly, I could have done that search myself, but I was too lazy.

As for my response now that I know exactly what it is: well, my response doesn’t change much. I could see the benefit of using a Master Stock a few times, but after that I have to believe it would simply start to taste gross … kind of like when one uses the same oil to deep fry many different things — after awhile, it’s just nasty.

I knew a couple of families that had stocks going for years. They would keep it going for hrs per day and add to it periodically. The made amazing soups that had richness I only dream of.

Mmm… no. Oil breaks down - very different.

Keep in mind that such stocks aren’t used to make wildly different soups usually. A Chinese stock won’t be use to make a hot spicy soup one day and a minestrone the next.