Mascot drinking

Was thinking of trying my first bottle of '15 Mascot… Wondering if anyone has any advice or recommendations on how to approach drinking …PnP, decant, slow ox? Appreciate any suggestions … thank you ! [cheers.gif]

Was on their zoom today. In the past they have released 5 years post vintage in the Summer. They are gonna release 17 in a few weeks then the 18 next summer. Going forward from there wine will be released 4 years post vintage instead of 5 as they have been doing.

They said 17 is smaller production than usual so allocation is gonna be smaller. I don’t know but I’ve always been able to buy as much as I want. Could be talk to create perception of scarcity or not in the face of a fire vintage. They said the wine was made from grapes picked before the fires.

They also said they picked 20 early and will be releasing it. Will be one of the few that year

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Any reason why they are going from 5 to 4? Missed the zoom call.

Wasn’t paying that close attention. The call froze up for a bit so I started doing some other things while waiting for them to restart. My guess is to get the wines out sooner. They’ll still be a year behind most

The 2 I’ve opened (12 and 13) were tight tannic monsters made for Count Dracula. Hold for a millennium, stand a decade and decant a fortnight. I like aging but appreciate a wee bit of near gratification.

True just curious on the rationale.

The ‘16 was not so good IMO. Maybe not as good as last vinatages but just seems overhyped?

Interesting. I’ve heard people praise 16 as the best Mascot yet.

They generally need a lot of air or time. I remember when I had my first 09. It was too massive and tannic so I put it on the counter. Checked in a few days later and wasn’t really drinking well until day 4. They seem to be a little more approachable since then but still need lots of air

‘16 was on yesterday at Oakville Grocery tasted great fwiw

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Had the ‘15 few months back. It was ready around 1.5-2 hour mark.

‘16 had few weeks ago. It was very tight and shy! Even after a 5 hour decant.

I pnp’ed the '15 yesterday and it drank well from the get go, though it was helped by a little time in glass. Rather classy juice, if a little bit heady for my taste

2017 offering just dropped - $115/ea, max allocation of 6 bottles. First come, first served. No shipping date.

I sprang for three, myself.

i was on the zoom call. i opened the 16 and it was tight - 2 days later after sitting in my fridge - i drank the rest of the wine…and it was GREAT! def needed air and definately has the dna of harlan/bond.

Same here and in the past it was buy as much as you want. Kinda hoping it sells out so I can pass and not lose my place in line for next release. if not I’ll grab 3

With the high shipping and tax, it quickly adds up to $150/btl.

I always pick mine up when Im in Napa

i was thinking the same thing but my full offer is there still. I enjoy the wine but am not grabbing the 17s at new price (honestly probably not at the previous price, i dont love the vintage and passed on most). hope to have the option for the 18s but if not i will survive.

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Anyone else pick up the '18?

I really enjoy ‘discount Harlan’ so to speak. I was surprised how good the '17 was.

I ordered the 18. Gonna be in Napa mid July and Gonna pick up 16 and 17 from their office. Was hoping to get the 18s also but not shipping until Fall